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How to make an Anti Static Bag for Embossing

I have been embossing for years and it is annoying to get the stray specks of embossing powder on your project.. I had a purchased anti static bag, but I knew there was a cheaper way to make my own.. I started looking around at the supplies I had on hand and also on the web.. Here is what I came up with…

Supplies used:

One leg from a clean pair of pantyhose ( one side had a runner in the leg, so I usually wash these and keep them, never know when I might need one for a project! lol)

baby powder


I glass or wide mouth jar


I cut one leg from the clean pantyhose close to the very top.

Then I pushed the toe of the hose into a glass and pulled the top over the lip of the glass. This made it very easy to then dump baby powder into the hose. I put about a 1/4 cup of baby powder into the hose. Could put more or less. It depends on how much baby powder you have, and if you want to make more than one anti static bag. I made two so that when I’m teaching a workshop or if my friends come over I have extras and we don’t have to wait for someone to be finished…

I pulled the hose out of the glass and tied a knot close to the powder. Just one knot, as there will be three layers of hose to protect the powder from spilling out of the hose…

Next I pushed the whole thing back through the leg of the hose and tied another knot, repeated one more time and tied a final or third knot. This kind of reminded me of a hacky sack that we used to play with back in the 80’s.. lol I guess if you changed out the powder for little beans of some kind you could make your own hacky sack to play with. lol…

Once the final knot was tied I cut off the excess hose and the anti static bag was ready to use. Pretty clever huh…


I hope this helps you in saving money. Because I know that I would rather spend my money on an item that I couldn’t make myself!

If you have questions regarding how to make your own anti static bag, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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