Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme

I’ve decided to share how I Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme today. My latest project is a Halloween Junk Journal and I thought it might be nice to see how to alter envelopes for this Halloween Theme.

Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme

Here is a Video on How to Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme.

It has been fun collecting envelopes. My family helps by saving the envelopes that their mail comes in so that I can alter these. What I enjoy is being able to take something that is destined for the trash and making it into something new.

Even though the envelopes I made are going inside a junk journal these can be altered to set back out in the mail. Years ago the stamp club I was a member of would decorate envelopes for our newsletters. Every month we were to bring a couple of envelopes so that the newsletter editor could mail out the newsletter in a decorated envelope. Getting those decorated envelopes was so much fun. Little works of art on the outside to hold information on the inside.

Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme

To Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme you will want a few things. Envelopes, Stamps, scraps of paper, washi tape, sewing machine (optional), cheese cloth, Tattered Anges Glimmer Mists, Halloween images (I used some from Calico Collage – All Hallows Eve digital journal kit, some distressed ink and I also used Brutus Monroe Detail ink – Raven.

Once all the supplies are gathered cut the envelope open. For my project I wanted the envelopes to be no longer than 7.25 inches. Some people will cut each end to make a centered envelope. I just cut off one side that had the return address. Then I cut the other side so that the envelope can open all the way up.

Cut a piece of scrap paper, in my case I used a page out of a book I’ve torn apart to the same size as the envelope. This scrap paper will become the new flap on the envelope. Apply distress ink to the flap and the envelope. Use washi tape to attach this to make a flap.

Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme

Now choose some of those stamps and images and apply these to the envelope. You can decide if you want to seal the envelopes sides with sewing, washi tape or glue. I like sewing these. Sometimes I leave it so that it can be opened all the way and journal inside.

Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme

There is no wrong way to create items for a junk journal. I hope that you enjoyed seeing how I Alter Envelopes Halloween Theme.

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My hope is that I have inspired you to look at those papers in your stash and make your own junk journal.

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