What is a Junk Journal

Almost daily I’m asked What is a Junk Journal? So today I thought I would take the time to share what a Junk Journal is and how I use one in my life.

What is a Junk Journal

So what is a junk journal? Junk journals are different things to different people. What I love about junk journals is that there is no wrong way to make one. When I think of a junk journal I think of a book that is usually handmade but isn’t limited to being handmade. Then the content of the Junk Journal is usually a variety of “junk” that the owner adds to the journal. And place to write memories.

What is a Junk Journal

Things that can be in a junk journal? Well, there are all kinds of things that can be in a junk journal. Photos, postcards, maps, envelopes, receipts, bits of ribbon and lace, important documents, pressed flowers, items that might be considered trash to others can be found in a junk journal. Old book pages might be used for pockets to hold mementos. Items that have been altered to write a note on or tuck something inside – small paper bag from the drug store, a coffee sleeve to hold a greeting card or even an old-fashioned calling card.

What is a Junk Journal

And in my opinion, each junk journal should have a place to write. The writing space can be blank sheets of paper, notebook paper, graph paper, cardstock, letterhead, stationery, tags and more. Every person has their own style and may only need a small space, others want page after page of blank space to write. Having a junk journal that is handmade can help the writer have all the space they could ever want.

In this video, I share my thoughts about what is a junk journal and show several journals I have made.

A Junk Journal is a visual way of recording moments. The visual pieces might be paint, and papers and written notes. It could be recycled trash. The contents could all be items that were found or could be purchased items.

When it comes to what is a junk journal? It is whatever you make it for yourself. No one can tell you that what you made is wrong. So have fun.

What is a Junk Journal

Make sure to check out the Friendly Junk Journal People Facebook group. Of course, you are welcome to join the Friendly Junk Journal People Facebook group. The group is growing daily and we are a friendly group willing to help each other and encourage each other.

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My hope is that I have inspired you to look at those papers in your stash and make your own junk journal.

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