How to choose items for a Junk Journal

In this post, I’ll share How to choose items for a Junk Journal. Recently I’ve been asked how do I go about selecting items. So I thought I would share a video and talk about what I do!

Let’s get this started. To begin I think about a theme I want to make. I have made junk journals without a particular theme, but for the most part, each has a theme. So what is a theme you love?

Now that you have an idea of a theme, which can be anything. Birds, flowers, prayer, travel, favorite foods, favorite colors and so much more, the list can go on forever, which helps with my word count. LOL

Here is a video I created for those that like to watch. How to choose items for a Junk Journal.

For those that would like to know where I got the digital kits for this post on How to choose items for a Junk Journal, I used Calico Collage kits. EnchantedSummer Paradise and Mermaid Tale were some of the images I showed in the video above.

For me I like to try to stay organized. A box or a basket helps contain all the items. Dollar Tree loves it when I go. You would think that I have enough bins and baskets now. But I keep going back!

So you have picked that theme and you have a box or basket, start adding to it the items you have on hand. Look at things like an old book, magazine, greeting cards, wrapping paper, wallpaper, old letters and junk mail. I got this really cute postcard because it was my birthday and I saved it because it was so cute! It would be great for a birthday junk journal or a cat junk journal.

How to choose items for a Junk Journal

Other things I will collect are stickers, scrapbook paper, rubber stamps and digital journal kits. For today’s post, I was working on a Mermaid Junk Journal and collecting items that would work. The list really is endless. I have also selected, washi tape, die cut images, dies to cut my own images, candy wrappers, dictionary pages, maps, index cards, blank note cards and notepads.

Look at fabric and cheesecloth to make some beautiful textures. How to choose items for a Junk Journal is all personal. Each of us has items we like more than others. If we were put in a store and told to go find items for the theme we are making into a Junk Journal and then came back I bet we would have different things in our shopping carts.

What I really love about Junk Journals is there is no wrong way to make one! Don’t fret about the process, enjoy the process. Take time to enjoy picking out things you may or may not use.

There are a few things that are not listed, like ink pads and glimmer mists, but I’ll share more in the next blog post and video.

How to choose items for a Junk Journal

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My hope is that I have inspired you to look at those papers in your stash and make your own junk journal.

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