Real Simple Social

Having a social media tool that helps me get back to creating is important. That is where Real Simple Social comes to rescue me from the daily drudge of posting content on my social media platforms.

Real Simple Social

A few months ago I was using another brand of social media scheduler and they changed the platform and now charged for the feature I used daily. I shared inside Empire Builders on Facebook that I was looking for a social media scheduler that wouldn’t break the bank as I’m a starving artist and can’t afford a large fee every month. lol.

That is when Steven Lacey from Real Simple Social contacted me about using their platform. This is a service that he offers his clients when he does their social media. He has agreed to allow me to use this in exchange for my sharing a few blog posts about Real Simple Social.

Once Steven set up a user account for me I took my time to look around and see how the platform operated. I found that it was very easy to navigate and add my Social Media Profiles. There are a lot of options and I think every major platform is included.

Real Simple Social

Since I wanted this tool to schedule content it was time to see how that worked. Set up Content Groups this helps to better organize content. The idea is that if you want a post to go out on multiple social media platforms create a grouping of those that you want to use. It was easy to set up the Content Groups and I can have several to choose from inside Real Simple Social.

Real Simple Social

Next was selecting the content I wanted to send. Since I create blog posts and videos that are great to see more than once in a year I chose a few to schedule out. For my social media, I decided to post the same message every 14 days for 26 posts. Which should get me through to next Nov with that series of posts.

Simple Social

A great feature of Real Simple Social is to set Evergreen content. This is done by selecting the button to add to Evergreen. Then you create a posting schedule and the content added to Evergreen will automatically post. The more content you have the more for Evergreen to use.

There is so much more that Real Simple Social can do. It also tracks how much interaction a post gets. Gives you the option to republish and so much more.

Real Simple Social

I’ve been using Real Simple Social for a couple of days and I think I’m really going to love using this platform. I’m very glad that Steven reached out to me so I could check it out.

To have great social media content that you don’t have to worry about daily try Real Simple Social. What I love about this platform – I can create content once and schedule it to post throughout the year with one post inside Real Simple Social. Other platforms I had to sit and create a separate post for each time I wanted something to publish. Using Real Simple Social has now freed up more of my time to create content and not have to spend time scheduling.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I do hope you will come back for another visit soon to see more blog posts. Most feature tutorials on art. If you are looking for something feel free to contact me as I seem to have a plethora of useless knowledge. LOL

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Linda Israel