How to make a Dragonfly Journal Charm

Hello everyone, I’m here to share How to make a Dragonfly Journal Charm for a Dragonfly Junk journal I made. Using lots of charms and beads I’ll share with you how to make a beautiful Dragonfly Journal Charm or planner charm.

Dragonfly Journal Charm

Dragonfly Journal Charm supplies
Round Nose Pliers – I use two pairs.
The chain can be any color, you just want the rings big enough to attach jump rings through. 1.5 inches of chain
3/4 inch Lobster Clasp or 20mm
Jump rings – I found a kit on Amazon that has a ton of different sizes.
Charms and items to add to chains
BEADSMITH-One Step Looper Tool
Loop Pins by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, Pack of 24, Nickel, Brass and Copper Finishes, TH93200

When making this Dragonfly Journal Charm I decided to look for dragonfly charms and beads that I thought would match my Dragonfly Junk Journal. This is when you can pull those random beads that you don’t have enough to make one project. Each bead and charm can be different and it looks great.

Dragonfly Journal Charm

I’ll lay out all of the elements I think I want to use and then start attaching the elements to the chain. One jump ring at a time, each element is placed where I think it looks the best. Usually, I will put smaller elements closer to the top and large elements at the bottom of the chain.

Dragonfly Journal Charm

Here is a video showing How to make a Dragonfly Journal Charm.

Having the right tools helps a lot in making the elements. I really like the one step looper. It works great. I’m not an expert at using it yet. This tool helps save a lot of time though.

Dragonfly Journal Charm Dragonfly Journal Charm

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