Tape Technologies Inc

While at Creativation 2018 I took a stroll and ended up at the Tape Technologies Inc booth. This stuff is amazing. So many wonderful colors that can be used for all kinds of projects. This vinyl has so many colors! They even have a removable line for those projects where you put it on windows or walls.

Tape Technologies Inc

While I was in the booth I had a little chat with the General Manager for Tape Technologies Inc then I got to sit and watch Sue Eldred create a super cute project. Here is a video of the interview and Sue making the cool project.

Touching this vinyl and seeing all the ways it can be used in projects really got me excited. I could see using this in so many ways, adding bling to a journal, making greeting cards, decorating glassware and so much more!

Check out Tape Technologies Inc website for more information and request a catalog be sent to you. Let them know how you found out about them when you make the request. I know that I’ll be getting a lot of this vinyl soon for my projects. Also, check out their Facebook page for updates on what is happening.

What kind of project would you use this vinyl? Leave a comment below or tag me #lindaisrael and you could win a wonderful prize!

I’m so glad that Andy said hi to me while I was walking by, as now I think I’ve found something that I’m gonna love using a lot in my projects.

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