Gel Press Play Time

Getting to go to Creativation 2018 in Phoenix AZ I got to attend a Gel Press workshop. This caused me to come home for some Gel Press Play Time and I thought I would share what I created. It wasn’t a planned project, just playing with Tattered Angels DIY Paint, Glimmer Mist and Ken Olivers Color Bursts.

Gel Press Play Time

The Gel Press is a cool tool to use for creating new pages out of old pages. I like the idea of covering up text on a book page. It gives it a new purpose. After a Gel Press Play Time, these papers can be used in journals and even written upon. I like how the thin layer of paints and sprays changes the paper and dries quickly.

Gel Press Play Time Gel Press Play Time

Supplies used in this Gel Press Play Time session.

  • 5 x 7 Gel Press plate – I picked on up in Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon.
  • DIY paint from Tattered Angels, Sterling, and Cerelcan
  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Precious Metal, Tea Cup and Turquoise Blue
  • Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts
  • Bubble Wrap I had two sizes. These are great to save from packages
  • Shelf liner the bumpy kind – I found some at Tuesday Morning, but this could also be found at a dollar store.
  • old gift card or room key card
  • Book pages
  • Paint brushes or popsicle sticks to get the paint out of the jar.
  • Imagination

Here is a video of my Gel Press Play Time session.

My method of Gel Press Play Time was to lay out the gel press and apply paint. I started with the Tattered Angels DIY paint in Sterling and used bubble wrap to add some texture. Take a look around the house, you have lots of things that can be used for texture on a Gel Press.

Gel Press Play Time Gel Press Play Time

Using the Ken Oliver Color Bursts on the plate is a lot of fun. You never know what it will do and spraying it with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists just adds another layer of yummy color.

Gel Press Play Time Gel Press Play Time

Press paper to the paint on the Gel Press, smooth with hands or a brayer, then pick up the paper. Each print will be different, but you can use the same colors to have a pack of papers for a project. Fun to have some matching papers to play with.

Gel Press Play Time Gel Press Play Time

When done playing you can clean the Gel Press by adding a layer of paint and pressing paper to it and leaving overnight. Or you can wash with water or even just wipe down with baby wipes. Just be gentle with the Gel Press so you don’t cut the surface. Put it back in the clamshell case without the plastic sheets and it will be ready to use later.

Gel Press Play Time

Sometimes you just need to sit and play. There is no plan but to have fun and try new things. Who knows maybe your Gel Press Play Time session can turn into some beautiful art.

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