Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page

Continuing with my Fairy Garden junk journal tutorials I decided to share an Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page I created. This Junk Journal Page is truly mixed media. Mixing Acrylic Paint, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, napkin, fibers, book pages and old map and more to create a great page for the Fairy Garden Junk Journal.

Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page

Supplies Used to make the Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page.

Video showing how I made this Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page.

For this Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page I created I started with a page out of a street map book. Trim the page to the size needed for the journal, or if you are lucky you can leave it the size it is and go to the next step.

Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page

Using the craft paints and Tattered Angles Glam and an old key card, gift card or old credit card spread the paints all over the page on both sides. Keep the layers thin and it will dry quickly. While you have the paint out, cover the old book page – this will become pockets on the JJ.

Apply Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists through a stencil on the map page and the book pages that were painted. This will give another layer of yummy color that sparkles. Spray through the stencil on the envelope on both sides. When there is spray on the stencil apply two index cards to the stencil to pick up the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.

Separate the napkin removing the extra layers. Some napkins have three layers some only two. If you can’t get the layers apart, try putting a piece of tape on the back and gently pulling. This seems to work with some napkins that won’t come apart.

A glue stick is perfect for attaching napkins. It is easier to apply a generous amount of glue stick to the map and then lay the napkin over the glue and gently press and smooth. Since there will be a pocket on one side there is no need to cover the whole page and part of the napkin can be folded over to the other side and adhered in the same manner.

Cut the book page in half as you would read the page to create two pieces to fit on the bottom of the map to create pockets. I like to turn the edges under a little so that it is sturdy. Attach to the map with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

Add the embellishments to the new pockets. Lay the eyelash yarn down and then apply glue to the domino label element and press over the yarn. I find that doing it this way helps keep the yarn in place and I don’t have to apply so much glue that gets messy.

Decorate the envelope using the corner pieces from the Fairy Garden journal kit. Fold the envelope in half. Using washi tape attach to the map on the non-pocket side but just to the side of the center fold on the page. This way it will be a full envelope that can have items added and it won’t be caught in the binding.

Finish adding journal cards to the page and now it is ready to be added to the Fairy Garden junk journal.

It is fun to use old papers that might have been thrown out. Adding paint and glimmer mist changes the papers into something beautiful and new.

Envelope Napkin Pocket Junk Journal Page

What are your favorite colors? Take those colors and paint some paper and see how you have a whole new collection of items you can add to your junk journals.

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My hope is that I have inspired you to look at those papers in your stash and make your own junk journal.

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