Getting on Design Teams

Today I’m sharing information about Getting on Design Teams. This is a question that has been asked a few times recently by my followers. I’m sure that there are others that would like to know more. Thought it would be easier if I did a video and blog to share the information. And it is a good example of what to do on your blog and a video.

Getting on Design Teams

The Story Time by Linda Getting on Design Teams video.

The following was information I thought would be helpful for those wanting to get on a design team.

Getting on Design Teams

Do you have a blog? If not, create a blog. The blog should be clean and simple. Sure it is cool that you have badges from all those challenges, but those are distracting from your blog post. Also pick a good name, one that represents you and what you want to share. If you are not doing scrapbooking then a blog with a scrapbooking name won’t work.

Write at least 300 words about your project on your blog. There are some design teams that require 500 words on their blog. It is good to be in practice now and learn how to fill the space. Write at least one blog post a week. It is good practice as some design teams want you to write a blog post a week.

Take quality photos. Make sure that you represent the product the best way you can. Use the best light to take photos of your project. Show the details. Make the photos large enough on your blog so that these can be seen. If you have bad photos it turns people off and they will leave your blog.

Some Design Teams require that you have step out photos. What that means is they are wanting photos of each important step for the project. I found that I could do a video and then while editing the video I can capture photos of each key step. It is a good idea to slow down when doing your video to help get those good photos to capture.

Getting on Design Teams

YouTube is a big help in getting your projects seen. Videos are a great way to explain how you made an item and backing it up with a blog helps to fill in all the holes. Make sure that when you do videos that you are on the project. Be careful in your videos that you are at a good angle. Recently there was a lady that was showing a tutorial but the angle of her camera was pointed at her cleavage. The paper arts community isn’t the place to share a video of your cleavage.

Short videos or long videos work. The key is to edit your video of the portions you can speed through. If you have a video that is 30 minutes long and half of that is you applying glue to paper, you can speed up the video through the gluing. If you are lucky you can then shorten that 30 minute video down to 15 minutes or less.

Getting on Design Teams

What is the Dream Design Team where you want to be a member? Make projects that represent the style you want to make. If you are a stamper that colors images, and that is what you want to do for design teams, then produce those items on your blog. If you are wanting to feature digital junk journals, then show how you use them on your blog.

Most design team applications request you show them your top three blog posts, videos or photos of projects that fit their theme. You want quality content now so that you are ready to share with them.

Getting on Design Teams

Get involved on social media. Pick your favorite platforms. I use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube the most. Share your projects with good hashtags on your social media. It also helps if you do searches with the same tags on those social media outlets and like, leave comments and make friends on others posts.

Search for calls to join design teams. You can do this by going directly to the blog or website of the company you want to design for or you can search in groups. There are several Design Team Calls groups on Facebook. My suggestion is if this is your first design team, get on one that you know you will love and only one at first. If you don’t love the products then it is hard to create projects.

Building up your portfolio takes work. But Getting on Design Teams is so much fun. It is a great way to see new products. To challenge yourself to try new things. And you will make a lot of lifetime friends because of Getting on Design Teams.

Go forth and create. Getting on Design Teams can be done and I hope you get on the design team of your dreams. Have more questions? Feel free to ask and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities.

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