Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

You are in luck it is another Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting. The question was asked How did you begin crafting Linda?, on one of my YouTube Videos. That is why I decided to share a quick video to share how I began crafting many, many years ago while living on a small farm with my family in Oklahoma. I was blessed to have a creative mom that helped me get started.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting Video.


When I was a little girl I wanted Barbie Doll clothes. But even back then these were expensive to buy. Since I didn’t have an income. LOL I decided to make my own. Thankfully we were involved with 4 H in my family and we had a huge garage sale as a fundraiser. There were clothes that would be thrown out and I took a box home to make Barbie Doll Clothes.

One summer my Step-Grandmother spent about 3 weeks at our home and she taught me how to sew, how to read a pattern and pick the fabric for my project.  I’m so glad that she spent the time with me so that I could sew. We moved schools mid-year in High School and I was put in Home Economics when they were finishing up their sewing segment. Because I had spent time with Grandmother I was able to get a 100 on the written sewing test and I had only been there for a week. There were people in my class that was there for the whole class and they failed. It was natural for me to sew.

Later I helped my mom with her crafts. She made floral arrangements usually with dried flowers and silk flowers. I would help pick dried flowers and spray paint them for her.

Another Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting segway. My best friend taught me how to knit and another grandmother taught me how to crochet. Everyone got a blanket from me for a few years back then. I don’t have any of the blankets I made. I’m not sure if my family still has them or not.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

For my Sr Prom in High School, I made my prom dress. To pay for my dress I worked at a stable cleaning the stalls and working with horses. I even sold friendship bracelets to my fellow students, I would make these bracelets while riding the bus since we lived several miles from the school.

After high school, I would make curtains, pillows, and clothes for others. Coasters, cord covers, mug rugs and anything else I could sew.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

Mug Rug put on your desk and set your mug on its own rug. lol

In the 1990’s is when I fell in love with paper crafting. My neighbor invited me to a stamp party where I purchased my first stamp from DOTS – Dozens of Terrific Stamps. Later I joined a stamp club and became President of the Okie Inkers for several years.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

Easle Greeting Card

Easle Greeting Card.

A friend of mine told me about HGTV’s show, That’s Clever. She had gotten the information to sign up and she shared the info with our stamp club and encouraged all of us to sign up. There were 30 artists in Oklahoma that were featured on the show.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

Filming the intro out in one of the Parks in Yukon Oklahoma.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

What my room looked like for the video taping of HGTV. I had to remove a table that was in front of the desk and cover any “brand labels” on items in the room.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

More of my desk for the filming.

Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting

More of my room. This area now is my lightroom. It was my sewing area in this photo from 2007.

Because I was on That’s Clever I decided to try doing my own videos and started filming for YouTube. It’s amazing how far I’ve come since then!

Currently, I am on three design teams, Calico Collage digital images, Canvas Corp Brands (who is the parent company for Canvas Home Basics, Tattered Angels, and 7gypsies), and ScraPerfect – offering glues and tools for paper crafting.

My crafting journey has taken many twists and turns over the years, but I’m so glad that I have had all the opportunities I have had. Learning new things and keeping me trying out new things too!

Hopefully, this segment of Story Time with Linda How I Began Crafting has given you a little view of where I began and where I am now.

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