Story Time With Linda Getting on Design Teams Part 2

Since there were so many questions after my first Story Time With Linda Getting on Design Teams video here is another edition of Story Time With Linda Getting on Design Teams Part 2. In this video, I’m sharing information about the different type of blogs to choose from. Also, I’ll share the kind of blog I use and a few ideas for blog posts.

Story Time With Linda Getting on Design Teams Part 2 Video.

Free Blogs are great and not so great. Many of the free blogs have advertisements that you can’t control that are posted on your blog. Blogspot using Blogger is one that I used many years ago. This post gives details on how to create a blog using Blogger and Blogspot.

Another free blog is WordPress. I’ve never used the free WordPress on my blog. But I do know others who have. It is pretty easy to set up. It also has the ability to pay for features if you want to add them to your blog.

For my blog, I use GoDaddy as the hosting and WordPress as the blog platform. I’ve been using it for a few years now.  My husband corrected me, he purchased the domain for me back in 2004. So I’ve had it for a lot longer than I thought.

Know how much a blog will cost you when getting started. A free blog will cost you time and effort. The advertisements may distract your readers and cause them to leave the site to follow the ad.

A paid blog you need to know that there is the cost of the domain name and the hosting. Then if you purchase themes there are fees, I use the free themes, there are many to choose from. It will also take time to write and upload photos, but here you won’t have advertisements that pull your readers from your blog unless you share a link.

Choose a name for your blog that will grow with you. I chose my name for the blog domain name. That way it could be anything I decided to share on my blog. I know others that own multiple domain names that are redirected to the main blog they want to use. It depends on how much time and money you want to spend.

Story Time With Linda Getting on Design Teams Part 2. Ideas for blog topics.

For your first blog post, I suggest that you make it an introduction to who you are and what you want to share on the blog. Use photos of projects you have made and give some details about what those are or why you made the items.

For my blog, many of the ideas come because of a product I’m using or a challenge I’ve entered. Your blog posts can be about any item you are wanting to share. Making a birthday card for someone special, share it on your blog. Got a custom order to make a junk journal? Share the details about how you got the order, what the customer wanted and how you came up with the ideas for the junk journal.

There are so many things to share on a blog, it is all about just writing something up and adding a few photos. A video is also great for those that love to see things in video format.

Decide what the purpose of your blog will be to the public. Will it be to share items for sale, tutorials or just thoughts? Those are things you need to decide to help you get started.

Have fun with your blog. Share what makes you happy. Do realize that if you share controversial items then design teams, companies etc may not choose you to represent them. Remember if you share it on social media or your blog then the world can see it and they may or may not want any part of what you are sharing.

It is a good idea to keep your personal views private or at least not connected with items you will share on social media.

Hopefully, the information I shared will help you in setting up a blog and getting some topics for your blog posts. Soon I’ll have part three which will go over the camera I use and my photo booth.

Story Time With Linda Getting on Design Teams Part 2

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