Garden Tour June 2018

It’s a Garden Tour June 2018, showing what has been done this year in my garden. So much more to be done, but I thought it would be fun to show you where things stand.

Garden Tour June 2018

Here is a Garden Tour June 2018 video.

The following photos have been added to my Facebook account and I thought it would be easier to display these here instead of uploading all the photos again.

Henry and I have lived in our home for 20 years and over the years we have made some improvements, but only as much as our budget allowed.

My mother lived with us for almost two years starting in 2008. While living with us she suggested that we make some changes to the yard, front, and back. The process began with a lot of digging! lol She had us create beds in many different areas around the house and we even had three raised garden beds for veggies.

Over the years I’ve added a few things here and there and had some great veggies in our raised beds. This year we decided that we would build a pergola and a deck. The deck will hold a hot tub and the Pergola Patio would be our comfy outdoor seating and entertaining area.

It was a cold winters day when they started the pergola. It didn’t take long for them to finish!

Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018

Garden Tour June 2018

The same crew built the deck and installed new windows on the sunroom. Since we used red cedar for the pergola they used scraps to finish out framing the windows instead of siding. We all agree that it looks really good.

Henry painted the house a pretty teal blue. Still, need to paint the front door and the siding on the front of the house. But It is looking good.

I pulled all the weeds out of the 4 x 8 raised bed and started adding plants. Most of the plants I got on clearance at Lowes. It is a great place to get plants, that for the most part, just need some water and will grow just fine.

Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018

One day while at Lowes picking out three lily plants one of the workers spotted my plants and asked, “If you could get a lot more lilies at a discounted price would you be interested?.” I said I just might, what is the deal? She told me if I purchased six I could get them for $3.00 each. I had three that were on sale 3 for $12.00 in my basket. Well If I could get 6 for $18.00 that was a really good deal. Then she said if you buy 4 pallets of 6 lilies each then I could sell three pallets for $1.00 each. The math works out to be about $2.50 each vs the regular price of $6.50 each. So I ended up with 24 new lilies to add to the yard!

Garden Tour June 2018

My mom would be in love with how the yard is looking, as she loved flowers and especially lilies. I’m so thankful that she lived with me for those couple of years and showed me a few things in the garden. I still have lots to learn but it is so much fun.

Other plans for our yard, which will case another Garden Tour June 2018.

  • Electricity for Hot Tub and outdoor lights
  • Install new LED outdoor lights
  • Hot Tub installed
  • Privacy wall for Hot Tub Built
  • Create and then plant new beds around the privacy wall and hot tub deck
  • Add about 200 or more pavers around the yard.
  • Trim rose bushes
  • Move garden bench and repair it
  • Build seating area near large rose bushes
  • Landscape the grass area near the patio (I’m trying to get the grass to grow now, but it isn’t looking so good.)
  • Other ideas as they come up! LOL

Being able to go outside and enjoy our new outdoor spaces brings joy to both Henry and I. The dogs like spending time outside with us too. Well, Hercules loves it, Oreo would rather be in the air conditioning. lol But when the weather is nice they will sit outside with us and we love doing so.

Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018 Garden Tour June 2018Thanks so much for taking the Garden Tour June 2018 with me. As things are updated I’ll share more photos and maybe another video.

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Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today for the Garden Tour June 2018.