Domino Necklace Tutorial

Today I’m sharing a Domino Necklace Tutorial. In July I’ll be attending a Pin Up Girl Bazaar in Oklahoma City and I was asked to bring as many Pin Up Girl related items as I could. My thoughts were that Domino Necklaces would be a perfect item to bring.

Domino Necklace Tutorial

Domino Necklace Tutorial Video.

Supplies used for the Domino Necklace Tutorial.

The process for this Domino Necklace Tutorial.

Domino Necklace Tutorial

Begin by printing the Pin Up Girl images. My images were printed on standard copy paper using a laser jet printer. Trim the images from the sheet.

Use Distress Ink – Black Soot around the edges of the images.

Apply a small amount of Diamond Glaze to the wooden domino and smooth out using a paintbrush, quickly place the printed image on top. Trim if necessary.

Once the Diamond Glaze has dried apply Distress Ink – Black Soot around the edges to blend the image into the domino.

Squeeze out Diamond Glaze on top of the image carefully to avoid bubbles. (Do not shake Diamond Glaze prior to use it will cause bubbles). Use a paintbrush to smooth out the Diamond Glaze. This product is self-leveling, once you have enough on the project. Place a small flat back rhinestone in the Diamond Glaze. Sprinkle a small amount of glitter on top then set aside for the piece to dry.

Domino Necklace Tutorial

Once the first layer of Diamond Glaze has dried completely (could be 30 minutes to overnight depending on where you live and the humidity) apply another coat of Diamond Glaze and allow to dry.

Attach a pendant bail to the back of the domino using Omni Stick Glue. Allow the piece to dry.

Cut a piece of cord or use a chain to complete the necklace.

Domino Necklace Tutorial

Did you think this was an easy Domino Necklace Tutorial? Once you get started it is hard to stop! I bought all the wooden dominos that my local Tuesday Morning had in stock and went back and purchased more! My hope is that you have fun making your own.

Domino Necklace Tutorial

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