Pin Up Tag Tutorial

It is the first of July, wow this year is flying by! Today I’m sharing a Pin Up Tag Tutorial inspired by the time of year. I know sounds strange, stick with me. So many of us made a resolution in January to use up or stash. This is something I strive to do all the time every year. But I was looking at a bunch of scraps and leftover projects that I thought, why not do a self-challenge for July and try to create something every day from items in my stash. #useitupjuly was my idea to use as a hashtag. lol

Pin Up Tag Tutorial

Here is a video showing the Pin Up Tag Tutorial.

The supplies used for the Pin Up Tag Tutorial

On my desk is a basket that collects scraps from projects. When I complete a video or project I’ll pop the leftover bits into the basket. Then when I need something quick to make I have items to grab. This basket is getting too full! That is why I decided to use it up a little at a time.

Pin Up Tag Tutorial

This Pin Up Tag Tutorial is really easy. Begin by grabbing up those leftover bits. This is a great way to make tags or even bookmarks. These you can use in journals, books or even give as a gift.

Trim papers to fit your idea. I don’t always measure, I just look and see where it needs to be cut. No stress this way. lol

Using a stencil on white paper is so pretty. It instantly turns it into a patterned paper. The shimmer is so beautiful it makes me smile to see it on a project.

Pin Up Tag Tutorial

Many of my projects I use my sewing machine. I just love the little details it adds to a project.

Glitter paint is something that makes items look even more vintage to me. Those old-fashioned cards that would have highlights of glitter always made me happy.

Pin Up Tag Tutorial

Since I began my crafting with sewing I have a large stash of fabric. My friends love to give me scraps as well so the pile is getting big and this was a perfect opportunity to use fabric as ribbons on the tags.

Pin Up Tag Tutorial

There is something about adding a single word to a project that completes the piece. It may not be needed all the time, but on some occasions adding a single word just adds the perfect touch.

These Pin Up Tags/bookmarks will be for sale at the Pin Up Girls Bazaar in Oklahoma City July 22. Come out and see lots of beautiful items for sale.

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