Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby

Sharing a Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby. It’s one of those things that I needed to share. Husband doesn’t understand my wanting to chat with someone all the things I purchased. But I know my internet friends understand.

Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby

Don’t you have fun when you go shopping for art and craft supplies? I try not to do it to often. My goal this year is to reduce the amount of items in my studio, not add to it daily. lol But sometimes you have to go out and get a few things.

Here is a video of all the goodies I got. Enjoy

Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby

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How to make Scrabble Jewelry

How to make Scrabble Jewelry, using Calico Collage Digital images РSimply Spring Charms, Brutus Monroe Detail Ink РRaven, Judikins Diamond Glaze, 8-Ounce and jewelry findings.

How to make Scrabble Jewelry

Recently while shopping in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby I found some black mixed media scrabble tiles. I knew that these would be perfect to make Scrabble Jewelry.

Supplies used:
Scrabble like tiles on Amazon.
Calico Collage Digital Images – Simply Spring Charm images.
Brutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven
Judikins Diamond Glaze, 8-Ounce Рon Amazon
Jewelry Bails – on Amazon.
Square Punch – on Amazon
Scissors – on Amazon

These are super easy to make. And since I used the Diamond Glaze I can choose to make one or 100. Diamond Glaze doesn’t require mixing. No need to know the exact amount for the project. Just pour on what you need.

What I really love about the Calico Collage images is that they are crisp clear images even when only 1 inch in size. I was able to use a small square punch to select the images. It was easier once I cut the images into strips. That way I could put the punch where I wanted.

How to make Scrabble Jewelry

The little Scrabble Jewelry pieces will make great gifts for Birthday, Mother’s Day, Anniversary and evenChristmas. Or if you are wanting to make a little money, just gather up all the supplies and make as many as you want. It may even turn into a full-time¬†job.

However, if you are not into making these, hit me up. I’ll make some for you, just tell me what kind of images you like the most.

When I made these I didn’t even purchase necklaces. I used cord that I had in my stash. Can use leather cord or even nylon cord, the choice is up to you.

Here is a video on how to make Scrabble Jewelry:

Who would you give Scrabble Jewelry to in your life? My mother might like one of these. Now I just have to decide which image she would like. Or I guess I could take a selection to her so that she could choose.

How to make Scrabble Jewelry

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Happy Mail & Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclip

It’s¬†Happy Mail & Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclip time. I’m a little behind on sharing my Happy Mail. But I got these awesome pens from Chameleon and I love them! I also got some stamps from Fleurette Bloom.

Happy Mail & Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclip

My husband surprised me for Valentines Day and ordered the Chameleon Pens. He got the 52 pen set. So far I’m loving these pens. I still have a lot to learn about them. Be on the look out for lots of projects where I use these Chameleon pens. Found the downloadable documents and these are so very handy. Check these out here.

The other things I got were Stamps and sequins from Fleurette Bloom. I won a drawing on their Facebook page! That was exciting! They gave me $10 to use in their store. It was hard to choose only a couple of things. But I did manage to find a few things I loved. Picked up the Poodles of Fun set and the Sugar Skulls set. Also got some pretty Rainbow Bliss Delight sequins.

Since I got all these fun goodies I decided I should make something! An altered paperclip for my Happy Planner.

Happy Mail & Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclip

Supplies used to make Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclip:
Poodles of Fun Stamp set
Brutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven
Chameleon Pens
Tulip Glitter paint
Stampin Up scallop circle punch
McGill Label Punch
Pink ribbon
Paper Studio Rhinestones
Jumbo Paperclips

These were very simple to make. Here is a video showing all the goodies and how to make the paperclips.

What do you think of these Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclips? I think these are super cute. These will be something I make again. One will live in my Happy Planner.

Do you like to color? These markers are perfect for you. Go check then out.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I hope you loved seeing the Happy Mail &¬†Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclip. Be sure to follow me on all my social media so you will get an insight of what I’m doing daily.

Happy Mail & Poodles of Fun Altered Paperclip

Paper Arts, My Hearts Fancy & Hobby Lobby Haul

Sharing a Paper Arts, My Hearts Fancy & Hobby Lobby Haul and Bonus How to make a Laurel Burch Wild Horses Card. Having the opportunity to visit local shops is a wonderful thing. It is good to visit those local shops to help them stay in business.

Paper Arts, My Hearts Fancy & Hobby Lobby Haul

For this shopping excursion, I had a mission to find a few supplies for upcoming projects. Looking around Paper Arts I found some really cool looking dies that I knew would be perfect for projects.

Drove over to Hobby Lobby and picked up a watercolor journal that I will use for a Traveling Journal Round Robin I’ll be at the end of this month. There was a really nice spiral journal that I feel will be perfect. I’ll have to remove a few pages as we are doing a monthly journal and there are 12 of us in the group. While there I also picked up a pad of watercolor paper to make a journal for another group. This journal will be a watercolor journal swap.

While at Hobby Lobby I wondered over to the clearance section and found a fun die set that says Celebrate. When I saw the letters I saw – Create, Art and knew there were more words I could create. In fact, I did a google search and found a website WordMaker where you can type in the letters and it will tell you the words that can be made. This will be a fun purchase.

At My Hearts Fancy, I found a beautiful Laurel Burch Stamp Wild Horses. Recently while in Santa Fe New Mexico I purchased a beautiful Laurel Burch tote bag that has super cute puppy dogs painted on the outside.

When I walked into My Hearts Fancy I saw a new display of Laurel Burch Stamps and knew that I needed to get one. The Wild Horses stamp spoke to me so I purchased that stamp.

Video of the Paper Arts, My Hearts Fancy & Hobby Lobby Haul:

Once I got home with all my goodies and shared them in the video. I had to make a card too. Pulling out the Brutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven and a few colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists – Party Pink, Denim Blue, True Turquoise, Night B4 Christmas.

Stamped with Brutus Monroe Detail Ink РRaven using my MISTI. Heat set the ink. Spray with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists РParty Pink, Denim Blue, True Turquoise, Night B4 Christmas. The pinks were on the right and the blues were on the left.

Heat set the sprays. Then using a paint brush I colored the areas that I wanted darker.

I love the shimmer that Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists add to projects. This stamp will be one I’ll enjoy playing with over and over.

Hope you enjoyed my shopping Paper Arts, My Hearts Fancy & Hobby Lobby Haul and Bonus How to make a Laurel Burch Wild Horses Card.

Paper Arts, My Hearts Fancy & Hobby Lobby Haul

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Creativation & Shopping Haul What Fun!

WOW Creativation & Shopping Haul What Fun! I had the best time at Creativation and then an extended vacation after the show.  There was so much to see and do during the event!

It was a blessing to be able to attend the show thanks to Canvas Corp Brands. Mind you I did work, I worked hart. The Canvas Corp Brands booth is an elaborate booth. Filled with so much inspiration that it can take more than three days just to see everything.

One of my art works was on display in the booth!  It was such an honor to see it on display where it could be seen by everyone.

Creativation & Shopping Haul What Fun!

The Window in the lower right corner is mine.

Being a part of the crew to put the booth together was a blast and hard work. Once the booth was done that is when the fun began.

There were times I got to walk around the show and see lots of things and even try a few of the products first hand.

The Rinea Paper Foil company also had a booth and I got the opportunity to work for a few hours with the owners. It was so great being able to get to know the owners. Sometimes you don’t understand the passion one has until you meet then in person. Diane and AK are awesome people.

One of my favorite things was being able to create a mini hat at the Charity Wings Booth. This organization does awesome work and the ladies that were working the booth were super sweet.

Here is a hat made with Tattered Angels Papers and Mists, the photo was taken by our Finland visitor Lena Holmstrom. She was such a joy to have in the booth and to hang out with.

Creativation & Shopping Haul What Fun!

Another of my favorite things was connecting with people that I only knew on the internet. Several of them I walked up to them and said, Hey I stalk you on the interweb. It was funny. Some loved it some gave me a “look”.

Carol Dube was the best. She just smiled when I took¬†a selfie at her side. It didn’t bother her one bit. lol She even gave me a couple sheets of her gelli prints she was making. I felt blessed.

Creativation & Shopping Haul What Fun!

Carol Dube Left
Linda Israel Right

There was so much that I got to see and do that I made a video that is entirely too long, but I hope you enjoy seeing the goodies and can hear the joy in my voice.

If you ever get to go to Creativation (or whatever they call it next year) please go you won’t be disappointed.

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Creativation & Shopping Haul What Fun!

Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil

Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil. I did a bad thing as my husband would say. I went shopping. Mainly because I had a gift card and because I wanted to get some items for my Happy Planner.

Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil

Boy was I lucky that I went shopping! While at Hobby Lobby I found a Happy Planner 9 hole punch for $17.99. I was going to go to Michaels and purchase the one they offer but it was $39.99. So I figured I saved money even if I have to make two punches for an 8.5 in. x 11 in. page. It was worth saving the money.

Since I didn’t have to use a 40% off coupon to get the punch I did pick up a package of 12 page protectors. These I knew would be fun to add items to my planner.

But I did make it to Michaels because one of my Facebook friends posted that there was a new display of Unicorn items. She was so bad for doing this! LOL I just had to go see what was being offered. Thankfully I had a 60% off coupon I could use and was able to get a great deal on a set of stamps, a package of unicorn washi tape and even stickers. I’m so excited to be able to use these in my planner.

Here is a little video of the items I purchased.

Finally while watching a video by Karen Burchill on youtube about her making a stencil for her planner. I got an idea to make a stencil on my Silhouette. This stencil fits the boxes in my Happy Planner. When I want to decorate a box and not make a mess outside of that box I can lay my stencil down and it will protect the area around the box.

Being excited about making this stencil I ended up making 3 patterns and a plain box. I see myself making more of these. Now to draw some designs to scan into my computer!

What kind of images would you like to use on your stencils? I would love to read your ideas, it may spark an idea to help me create my own stencils. And maybe I’ll even share the file with you if you have a Silhouette.


Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage

Today I’ll share my Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage. I’ve not been doing a lot of shopping. Mainly because there is a lot of supplies in my studio already. But on occasion I do need to restock those items that run low. Or if I’m working on a special project pick up what is needed to complete the project.

Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage

Thus a run to Michaels came about. Thankful that I happen to be in the Rewards Program because I was able to use a 30% off all regular price items.

What did I get? Well not very much really. But I got a nice 12 in. x 12 in. storage box. This box will be used to store projects in the works.

Foam brushes are always a must as I seem to use these a lot. Do you wash yours out and reuse them? I do and some of mine are looking really ratty. This package has some really cool small daubers that should be fun to use. I didn’t notice that when I purchased the package.

For some reason I loose my paint pallets. Either they get dirty and I drop them in my bucket of water. (There is a bucket by my desk that my stencils go in when I’m working.) Or I just loose them all together. Now that I purchased 6 more I’m sure I’ll find all the other ones.

Refill for my ATG. Seems every time I use that thing I run out of tape and it is at a critical moment and I don’t have extra. Thus I purchased a two pack while it was on my mind.

In February I’ll be teaching a class at a local shop and decided I should get some 12 in. x 12 in. canvases. More details will come later on this project. It was a great price for these. So I’m glad I got them now.

A splurge tool was Starburst nesting dies. These should be fun to use on my projects in the future.

This year I’ve decided that I want to try and journal my weeks in review. So I picked up a 8.5 in x 11 in. The Happy Planner to help with my goal. What I want to do is journal what I made “last week”. I plan to print the photos of my projects and journal about them in this book. If it all goes well I’ll make a video when I work in the journal and share with you.

Lastly in my video I shared how I store my dies. Dollar General has been getting a few dollars at a time from me. The magnetic photo frames are perfect for me to store dies. The front where a photo goes holds the info about the die or could hold a few extra die cuts and the back holds the dies. A little basket holds all of the dies for now. I’m sure this will change when I acquire more dies.

Well that’s the review of Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage. What have you purchased lately on your shopping sprees? Anything fun that I really should know about? On second thought maybe I shouldn’t know, I have so much stuff now, where would I put something new? lol

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