How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

Recently I was contacted about making a junk journal. So today I’m sharing How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal. Using the Buxom Beauties – 5×7 Digital Paper Pack by Pop Stock Images and Calico Collage Vintage illustrations of Victorian ladies free digital download.

How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

Today I decided that I would use the mop up sheets from when I spray Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. These sheets became my journal pages that I then attached the printed digital images.

The pages were put together with my sewing machine. I found that this allowed me to play a little and create pockets on every page.

Also used in this journal were some very old onion paper that I had in my stash. I thought it would be a nice touch for someone to use for journaling.

How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

A little bit of Tim Holtz Distressed inks: Tumbled Glass and Spun Sugar, were used to add a touch of pink and teal here and there throughout the journal.

How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

It was fun to add the corsets to the pages and leave room to tuck things, like a mini pocket.

How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

Pulling pages from an old book and folding into pockets that were sewn in also gave more areas to add bits to the journal.

How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

Index cards make a great way to add journal spots, for those that like lines to write on, these are well loved.

How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

I used a small heart punch to add hearts to the string in the binding. When I did this I had the negative left over. So I decided that it would look pretty to add those into the journal. This also prompted me to punch more hearts and use them where I saw a blank spot. These were added after the video filming.

How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal

Here is a video on How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal:


Not one to have leftover bits to store, I ended up using all of the scrapbook papers in the journal. I cut some to make journal pages that had other bits added and then the scraps became smaller inserts. Some were small enough to be bookmarks or fun journal spots.

While the Buxom Beauties – 5×7 Digital Paper Pack by Pop Stock Images journal kit only had eight pages to print and a few more of journal bits, I was still able to make a nice little journal with the pages and not reprint any.

Love how the Calico Collage Vintage illustrations of Victorian ladies free digital download images went really well with the images and colors in this journal.

Of course, more could be added, like lace and doilies and more. But for this project, I decided to keep it pretty simple.

I’ll pick up another kit from Pop Stock Images, I was told that the new journal kits have 20 pages and other bits added.

Looking for a special Journal? I have a few for sale in my shop.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to see How to make a Buxom Beauties Junk Journal. I hope that you will make one soon.

How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag

Today is about How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag. I was inspired by prayer flags that I saw in a magazine a while back and I wanted to make my own. I did some research and found that there really isn’t a right or wrong way to make prayer flags. Prayer flags can be sewn. The flags can be made out of paper or fabric, it doesn’t really matter. But I knew that I wanted to use fabric and that it had to be easy. And that this is a project that needed to be made in the studio without a lot of special equipment, like a sewing machine.

Pulling some Adirondack color wash sprays from my stash along with some fabric, there was a plan forming. While this is the very first one I have ever made I had some basic knowledge of how different mediums would work together. It helps having all kinds of mixed media supplies on hand. And my husband says I’m a hoarder, if I didn’t have all of this wonderful stuff I couldn’t create wonderful art! lol

This is a great way to use  rubber stamps, fabric and acrylic paint to make something unique for a gift. Each prayer flag will be unique and custom. One thing that I like about making gifts for others is each one comes from the heart, don’t you agree?

What would you like to put on a prayer flag?  Making this flag has given me ideas of others I want to make. Need to find more hours in the day to create!  My dream job would be to have the ability to create art all day long. To have a no pressure job where I can design art of all kinds to share with the world. Do you have a dream job? What would your dream job be, share it with me.

How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag

Watch this video of How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag and share what you made.

Emerald City Quilt Show Entry July 2015

Today I want to share Emerald City Quilt Show Entry July 2015.

I entered my first ever quilt show with the COQG. I became a member in 2014 because I’ve fell in love with quilting and my wonderful neighbor invited me to a guild meeting.

This group of mostly ladies are so eager to share their quilting knowledge. They were also very encouraging to get me to enter into the quilt show!

Trying to decide on a project was fun and challenge at the same time. The president had posted a challenge to make quilts using 2.5 inch strips. Having just finished a quilt for my mother in law for Christmas I knew that I had plenty of scraps. That is what helped me make the decision on what fabric to use for this quilt project.

There wasn’t a pattern to follow. For this project I made it up as I went along. Math isn’t my strongest asset, but since I was using 2.5 inch strips this became easy. Starting with a 2.5 inch square I went around that square with different colors of green strips until I had a square. Then I cut three different prints of white into 2.5 inch strips. Sewing three strips together I then cut those into squares that were the same size as the green squares. Playing with the placement of the squares on a design board I made for hours I finally had a design.

Emerald City Quilt Show Entry July 2015

Once I had the blocks sewn together the hard part was trying to decide how will I quilt this thing? Finally I decided that I would go around the green blocks with green thread and make quarter inch quilting straight line quilting. When the green was done I then did the same in the white areas with white thread. The last things to do were to put on a hanging sleeve, binding and a label.

Emerald City Quilt Show Entry July 2015


Thankful for Rocky at Threads of Tradition for teaching me how to attach my binding, as I feel that is one of my best assets in quilting making.

Tell me your thoughts on Emerald City Quilt Show Entry July 2015.

Emerald City Quilt Show Entry July 2015

Monthly Quilt Block Bird inside Heart

Since joining the COQG I’ve been asked to do the Monthly Quilt Block Bird inside Heart. Well this one I could do as it was fun to me!

The challenge is this, use the included fabric to make the quilt block. The fabric is a wood grain print on white fabric. The pattern was a heart, bird and a flower to applique, draw, piece whatever we wanted to do on the quilt block.

For this project I decided to cut the little bird out of the white fabric. Then looking through my stash of fabric I found a pretty batik and cut out the heart and a flower along with the wing for the bird. Next I found a piece of blue fabric to make the block.

Interfacing was used to adhere heart the bird. I used a technique I saw online where the the wrong side and the right side were sewn together and flipped. Then this allowed for a finished edge and the glue of the interfacing held the item in place for sewing.

Trying to decide on how to sew around the items was the next step. My wonderful husband allowed me to get a new sewing machine a few months back. It was time to learn what stitches it could do for this project. Playing on a piece of scrap fabric I tried all kinds of stitches and finally decided on what I think is called a blanket stitch.

The heart and the bird were sewn down. Time to free motion the feathers, feet and the word love. I lightly drew each item on the heart. Then positioned my sewing machine and started sewing.

When I got to the quilt guild meeting I took my block up to the table and sat down. My name was put into a drawing. When we bring a finished block to the meeting everyone gets a chance to win all of the blocks. I got lucky! I won the two blocks that were at the meeting that night! lol Now I have to make more blocks so I can make a small quilt.

I think this Monthly Quilt Block Bird inside Heart is a cute idea and I’ll make more of these. Would you like the pattern? I’ll be glad to share it with you.

Monthly Quilt Block Bird inside Heart

Quilting – A Butterfly Block

I have started quilting because of a couple of friends. I was invited to a group that meets on a Saturday and many of the ladies that meet quilt. Because of this group I have now been bitten by the quilting bug. I  made a quilt top Quilting - A Butterfly Blockmany years ago that a dear friend helped me finish by adding the boarders and the backing then finishing by quilting. But other than that I hadn’t really been serious about quilting well until now…

In June my neighbor invited me to attend a quilt guild meeting and I was so impressed by all that was shared. The ladies and a few men were so willing to share freely their knowledge. The guest speaker for the meeting was Pat Speth the Author of Nickle Quilts published in 2001. Her talk inspired me to go home and cut some fabric into 5 inch squares and sew those into a small quilt. (I’ll share that in another post) I had fun and was able to see the results of my efforts quickly. I have purchased two of her books and I’m really enjoying her instructions. I’m learning so much.

I decided that I would attend the July meeting of the quilt guild and in fact I became a new member. While I was there I learned about a project that is done every month called block lotto. Each person purchases a kit that has a piece of fabric that is around 11 to 12 inches in size and a pattern. The instructions tell you a basic idea of how to create a block that the finished size needs to be 12 inches unfinished 12 1/2 inches. A quarter of the fabric must be used on the block in a very recognizable way but really you can make the block anyway you like. If you want to piece the block, applique  or even paint the block and then add the fabric piece by sewing it into the block or applique you may do so. Once you have the block or blocks made the blocks are brought back to the next meeting where you turn them in and in return you get a chance to win at least 12 blocks of the same design all made by different people. I purchased this month’s Butterfly Block because I liked the way the block looked.  I thought why not try my hand at quilting a butterfly block, surely I can do this.

Quilting - A Butterfly BlockI decided to use some scrap fabric to figure out how to make the block so that I didn’t use up the piece of fabric that came in the kit. I had no idea that I would be cutting so many 2 inch squares just to make a 12 inch square block! And really it isn’t complete yet! There are 43 two inch squares and 6 three inch squares that needed to be cut for this project. It became harder than I thought to find a piece of scrap fabric to have enough to cut all the squares I needed. But I finally was able to get the pieces cut and started to lay out the pattern for sewing this afternoon. It took me a little over an hour of fretting but I got the block made!

What I learned from this project. Take your time to make sure that each set of blocks are lined up and that you do sew a true 1/4 inch seam. If you are off just a fraction the blocks won’t line up and the end product won’t look right. When you take the time to sew out the blocks the right way you will end up with a super cute block. I will try making it again and see how well I do a second time.

I’ll see if I can find the pattern online and add a link here… But I think you get the basic idea just by looking at my block, isn’t it cute? Thanks for reading.

Coasters Gone to the Dogs

Today sharing coasters gone to the dogs.. lol.. Well I really just created these cute coasters with a silhouette of a Scotty dog and thought I would share with every one.

Looking through my stash, I found a Scotty dog silhouette pattern and re-sized the image to fit onto my 6 by 6 block and used Heat n Bond to attach to the foundation fabric.

Cut a 6 by 6 piece of fabric and 100% cotton batting to make up a sandwich of fabric to sew together. Using a 1/4 seam allowance I left a gap and turned the right sides out, pressed the fabric and then sewed around the edge. Once I had the edge sewn I used my sewing machine to stitch a zig zag around the dog image.

Knowing that the coasters would last longer if the fabric was protected I used Scotch Guard on the front and back of each. Finished size is about 5 1/2 inches square. I made sets of four of Blue and White and Red and Blue.

I think these turned out pretty cute. I’m trying to decide if I should offer these for sale online at Etsy or take to Loving Touch Marketplace in Yukon..  Maybe some of my friends can give me some feedback and suggest what I should do with these cute little doggies…  For now I’ll try to keep them away from my four legged creatures, as they would love to have a new chew toy…

Sew, a day gone to the dogs, isn’t necessarily a bad thing… I hope you are having a great day and can find some way to make someone else smile…