Haul / Brutus Monroe Unboxing April 2017

I got a package from Brutus Monroe so I’m sharing the Haul / Brutus Monroe Unboxing April 2017 with you today. So many wonderful goodies came in my box this time. Stamps, Embossing Powder, Stamp cleaner and more.

See the video of the Haul / Brutus Monroe Unboxing April 2017

Want to know where you can get all of these wonderful items? Head over to the Brutus Monroe Store. Some of the items won’t be there until the release week of April 17- the stamps. The rest of the items are already in the shop now.

Haul / Brutus Monroe Unboxing April 2017

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Haul / Brutus Monroe Unboxing April 2017

Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage

Today I’ll share my Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage. I’ve not been doing a lot of shopping. Mainly because there is a lot of supplies in my studio already. But on occasion I do need to restock those items that run low. Or if I’m working on a special project pick up what is needed to complete the project.

Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage

Thus a run to Michaels came about. Thankful that I happen to be in the Rewards Program because I was able to use a 30% off all regular price items.

What did I get? Well not very much really. But I got a nice 12 in. x 12 in. storage box. This box will be used to store projects in the works.

Foam brushes are always a must as I seem to use these a lot. Do you wash yours out and reuse them? I do and some of mine are looking really ratty. This package has some really cool small daubers that should be fun to use. I didn’t notice that when I purchased the package.

For some reason I loose my paint pallets. Either they get dirty and I drop them in my bucket of water. (There is a bucket by my desk that my stencils go in when I’m working.) Or I just loose them all together. Now that I purchased 6 more I’m sure I’ll find all the other ones.

Refill for my ATG. Seems every time I use that thing I run out of tape and it is at a critical moment and I don’t have extra. Thus I purchased a two pack while it was on my mind.

In February I’ll be teaching a class at a local shop and decided I should get some 12 in. x 12 in. canvases. More details will come later on this project. It was a great price for these. So I’m glad I got them now.

A splurge tool was Starburst nesting dies. These should be fun to use on my projects in the future.

This year I’ve decided that I want to try and journal my weeks in review. So I picked up a 8.5 in x 11 in. The Happy Planner to help with my goal. What I want to do is journal what I made “last week”. I plan to print the photos of my projects and journal about them in this book. If it all goes well I’ll make a video when I work in the journal and share with you.

Lastly in my video I shared how I store my dies. Dollar General has been getting a few dollars at a time from me. The magnetic photo frames are perfect for me to store dies. The front where a photo goes holds the info about the die or could hold a few extra die cuts and the back holds the dies. A little basket holds all of the dies for now. I’m sure this will change when I acquire more dies.

Well that’s the review of Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage. What have you purchased lately on your shopping sprees? Anything fun that I really should know about? On second thought maybe I shouldn’t know, I have so much stuff now, where would I put something new? lol

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