Info about awls for book binding

What is an Awl and Info about awls for book binding. Having the perfect tool really does make a difference. When you have a tool that helps you with a project it really makes it easier.

Info about awls for book binding

What is an Awl? It is a small pointed tool used for piercing holes. In our case, it is for piercing holes in paper and a book cover for journals.

Not all awls are alike. In the video Info about awls for book binding, I share different types of awls and the holes that these make in the paper.

Finding the right awl for your project can take a little work. It’s hard to determine from packing or websites the size of the hole that an awl will make. Here are some examples below.

Info about awls for book binding

Understanding what size hole you need to match your needle will help in your quest. Here is a list of awls that I found should work for book binding.

Zutter The 9-in-1 Tool.
This is the Zutter Book & Journal Making Tool Kit I own.
Tonic Studios Tim Holtz 372 Retractable Craft Pick.
Leather Craft Cloth Wood Awl Tool Pin Punching Hole Maker Stitching Overstitch.


Hopefully, this post sharing Info about awls for book binding will help you on your journal making.

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