Pink Grace Junk Journal

Welcome to my blog as I share a Pink Grace Junk Journal I made using the Calico Collage digital images – Pink Grace. Also used, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Scrapbook papers, and Brutus Monroe Botanical Banners Rose stamp.

Pink Grace Junk Journal

This Pink Grace Junk Journal has three signatures of 10 pages for a grand total of 120 yummy pages to enjoy. There is three fold out pages I made by adding a page out of an old book with washi tape.

For this Pink Grace Junk Journal, I stamped a lot of Rose images from my stash of stamps.

Did you know that you can edit the images from Calico Collage? Since the images come as jpg files you can import the images into a photo editing software and alter these images.

I wanted more journal cards so I cropped one of the images and then had my printer put 9 on a page. That makes these images about 2.5 x 3.5 in size and are perfect to tuck into the journal here and there.

Also used in the Pink Grace Junk Journal are some of the free downloads from Calico Collage. I altered these images by turning the dark brown around the edges pink. The images I used are the Seed packets.

There are nine pockets made from old books, three of these are from an old dictionary. I love finding ways to use these old pages that are from old damaged books.

It was fun to dig around in my stash and find scraps of paper to stamp images or die cut into shapes. Every time I make a junk journal I’m making a dent in all of this paper I’ve been saving for years.

Back in January, I picked up some hemp cord. I like using this cord for the binding of my junk journals. I used a pretty pink Hemptique Cord for the Pink Grace Junk Journal. I think I’ll be on the look out for more Hemp cord to add to my stash.

The cover is canvas from Canvas Corp Brands. This was one of the grab bags of canvas. Lots of big pieces are in this grab bag for such a low price.

Here is a flip through video of the Pink Grace Junk Journal.

Making these junk journals are a lot of fun for me. I hope you enjoy seeing what I create.

Pink Grace Junk Journal

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Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner Brutus Monroe

Loving the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner Brutus Monroe. This stuff is awesome! If you haven’t gotten some of this stuff you really should get some soon!

Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner Brutus Monroe

I have several acrylic blocks that are very dirty so I decided to see how this stuff would work to clean them up.

Spraying a small amount of the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner on one block and spreading it around I let it sit. Then taking another block and placing it on top of the first block I picked up the cleaner. Turned over the block to get cleaner on the other side.

Using my finger I spread the cleaner around on both sides of the block then using an old work rag I rubbed off the cleaner and old ink! The block looks brand new.

What is awesome about this cleaner is that there is no odor. It is non toxic and won’t cause issues with those that have sensitivity to other cleaners.

The best part, this cleaner is only $8.99. It is an awesome deal, you must pick some up today.

Video of how it removed ink from an acrylic block and a stamp.

Now what should I get some ink on so that I can use this awesome cleaner to remove the ink? lol What would you clean with this cleaner? Remember a little goes a very long ways. That something else I love about this cleaner. I’ve had a bottle since August and have only used a small amount maybe a fourth of the bottle. It’s a great investment.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Please us my link to purchase the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner from Brutus|Monroe. When you do I get credit for your purchase! It helps support my art habit. Who knew that you could be an enabler to an artist!

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Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown

This post is all about Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown. The current weekly challenge is to go back and choose a previous challenge. Looking back through the challenges was fun. It was a hard decision but I finally found one that I wanted to use, from the May 2016 challenge.

Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown

Digging around in my stash of dies I found the label or note die from Stampin Up and an old Star die from Sizzix. I knew that these would be perfect for this project.

Thankful that I have a stash of chipboard in my studio, I die cut one of each. Using acrylic paint I covered the star until it was coated to my liking. Once the paint was dry I then sprayed with Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays – Zest – Brutus|Monroe and a gold/copper Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels.

When the spray dried I used the MISTY to help with positioning the poinsettia from the Sketched Holiday Set – Brutus|Monroe. Stamped with the Brutus|Monroe embossing ink, then gold embossing powder.

A technique I like to use, take a Zig two way glue pen and go around the edge of the star, then dip into gold embossing powder. Heat the powder until it shines gold.

Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown

Time to tackle the label or note die from Sizzix. Because this is for the Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown and I have decided to use more than one die. Taking the Mini Chalk Ink pad Suede from Brutus|Monroe I went around the edge.

I just love the Tissue paper from Canvas Corp Brands, found in a mixed media pack. Tearing a strip and using white glue I glued a strip at a diagonal on the label die. Then filled the corners with additional strips. Sprayed with Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays – Zest and a gold/copper Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels, I love the shimmer it adds.

Reapply the Mini Chalk Ink pad Suede around the edges and between the strips. While the ink is still moist on the paper dip into gold embossing powder and heat. This really makes such a beautiful background, makes me think of a gilded box that has aged.

Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown

Tied a bow out of a cream and gold ribbon. Don’t forget to shop in the Christmas ornament isle the next time you go out. That is where I found the little gold and glitter stars. Using three of the stars and a glue dot I placed these at the top point of the star with the ribbon glued with white glue. The star was layered on top of a small strip of burlap, then the label. Last I used a gold embossed napkin.

This is a very elegant Christmas card and I feel that it was perfect for this Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown.

Here is a video of the process.

Make sure you check out the other participants in the 52 Christmas Card Throwdown.

Stash Challenge Dies 52 Christmas Card Throwdown

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Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #5

Finished the fifth installment of the Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly. This one was fast, because I already had most of the pieces from my stash.

I want to share a little more about the paper towel layer I used. It was a mop up that was placed under the flowers, from the bouquet of flowers video I made a few years ago. Check out the video below.

When I made the flowers I put a paper towel under them as I thought it would be cool to see how it would turn out. I saved  the paper towel and put it in my paper stash. I  sort my paper bits and scraps by color into scrapbook envelopes. That way when I want to do a project that I want a certain color I just pull the envelope. This really comes in handy. There are lots of times when I want to make a project with a few colors. Pull a few envelopes and start creating. I know I keep a lot of stuff, but it paid off this time for this Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly project as it went together quickly.

Again used the butterfly stamp from the Tim Holtz Collection from Stampers Anonymous. Also used the Raven Detailed ink from Brutus Monroe. Making this series of cards is really a lot of fun as it is showing all the different ways that one stamp can be used. This process also works if you need to make a lot of cards for an event. Select one of the layouts and do an assembly line.

Here is the video showing the whole process.

What are your thoughts on this project? Are you learning new ways to use a stamp you have to make multiple different cards? Please share what you have learned by tagging me in your art. I love seeing what others create. Now go forth and create something beautiful.


Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #5

Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe Shaker Card

My guest post for the Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe Shaker Card Featuring the Spooky Selfie stamps as a member of the Inspiration Team.

I’m excited to get to use a new line of stamps for the first time. It’s like when you hear about someone getting an advanced copy of a book or a product before everyone else does. I got stamps before the public so that I could create art! I was stoked!

The other thing I’m exited about? Getting to post my artwork on a mixed media website. These are things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but kept putting things off. I didn’t seek the opportunity. You can talk about doing something for a long time, but if you don’t take action then you will never reach your goal. Well I took action and I’m working on a long term goal. Follow along my journey and I hope you enjoy while I share art and learn about new products and meet new people.

Go check out this Shaker Card with a video and let me know what you thought.




Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #2

Continuing on with the Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #2 project. The supplies were already on the work table and again the Butterfly stamp from the Tim Hotlz Collection from Stampers Anonymous is the focal stamp. Did I say how much I really love this butterfly stamp? I really do like it a lot and I thought it was important that I find multiple ways to use this stamp for the investment that I put into the purchase.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly

For this project I decided to use my art brush markers. Using the Marvey and Tombow markers in a variety of purples I proceeded to color the image on the stamp using the lightest color first, then moving to the darkest color until the whole stamp was covered. This technique is a really simple one that I like to use when I want the stamped image to match the paper. Sometimes I don’t have a stamp pad the same color as the paper or I want a blended look and using the makers is how I get the look I want.

The thinking of you stamp is from a set that was given to me many years ago. I’ve always loved the font of the phrase and have used it many times over the years. The ink for the saying is from Brutus Monroe the Detailed Ink Raven. This is an awesome ink and I’ve started using it anytime I need black detailed images.

Below is a video of how this card was created.



The following are the two cards that have been made so far with the same stamp.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #2




Finished with Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #2. Has this inspired you? If so make sure that you comment, give a thumbs up and share the video on youtube. The more comments, thumbs up etc I get the more the videos get seen and the more content I will create. 🙂

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