How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

Have you been to Michaels and seen the Mixed Media Packs? I used one in a journal. How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal shows how I used this Mixed Media Pad and the canvas included.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

A few days back I shared a shopping haul that included two of the Mixed Media Packs. There are so many wonderful papers and textures in these pads. Check out the video here.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

For this junk journal, I truly decided to pull items from my stash. When I have scraps of paper from fished projects I save them in a storage pocket. So I pulled several of these pockets and dug through the papers. The items may not have been perfect for the original purpose and ended up in the storage pockets, but now they were perfect to add into a junk journal.

Save those pieces that you think are not perfect, you will be surprised how well these will work inside a junk journal.

The mixed media pack I used is called Frills and I found it at Michaels normally for $14.99 each. The papers are 12 in. x 12 in. cardstock. I decided that I also wanted lined papers for journaling. I used some linen papers from my stash, that I then ran through my printer and added lines. Since these papers were only 11 inches long and I wanted these to be 12 inches long I added scraps of paper and washi tape to the ends to extend the length.

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists are such a great way to add color to the pages. I’m not one to use coffee or tea to stain the papers. The brighter colors appeal to me and Glimmer Mists are a great way to add these brighter colors to pages.

Have you ever looked at those daily flip desk calendars? The ones with beautiful images and sometimes a quote. Years ago I would get one to display on my desk at work. I saved several of those pages and these are great images to add to a junk journal.

The images from Calico Collage Flowers for my Lady Journal Tags are perfect for small journal spots. These images are ATC size measuring 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. I love the vintage images with the flowers. Mine were printed on cardstock so these make perfect journal spots.

There are three signatures with then sheets in each. That means there are 120 pages to enjoy in this journal. There are eight altered paper clips throughout the journal as well. The junk journal measures 6.75 in. x 7.75 in. with a two inch spine.

One of the tuck spots was something I learned from YouTuber PinkOddBird. She showed how to make some really cool envelope, tuck spots and I loved how those turned out so I added a few to this junk journal.

Making this journal took a while, well over 5 hours, closer to 6. I filmed at least 2 hours and condensed it down to 1 hour. Enjoy the video on How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal.

A close-up of the Canvas Covered Junk Journal cover.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

If you only want to see a flip through of the journal I made another video just showing the goodies inside.

If you are interested in purchasing this or one of my other junk journals visit my store. I’m always adding new things.

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How to Make an Easter Card

I’m over on the Brutus Monroe blog with How to Make an Easter Card. The blog is about the Easter Blessings With Stamp Club. I share how to make a greeting card with the new stamp set.

How to Make an Easter Card

In this blog post, I also stamp on a Canvas Tag from Canvas Corp Brands, using Brutus Monroe Detail – Ink. Watercolored with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.

Interested in purchasing the finished cards I make? I offer many of my cards in my store. The cards a usually blank inside and come with a matching envelope. The cards I make are A2 size or 4.25 in. x 5.5 in. in size. If you are wanting a greeting on the inside feel free to email me to discuss details or to connect with me via my Facebook page.

Check out the post How to Make an Easter Card, there is even a video.

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Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

This post is all about the Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge.

The idea was to create anything that was all black. “Create a project that is 90% black – the other 10% can only be white, grey, or metallic.”

To begin with I found an old canvas that I had on hand. This canvas had a hole punched in it and I knew I wouldn’t use it for another project.

Gathering up lots of black items I had a nice pile on my work desk. Where to begin…

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

I didn’t have any black gesso so I sorta made a grey gesso. Since I didn’t have any black gesso I mixed white gesso with black paint. What I should have done is made the gesso from scratch. But for now I’ll keep the grey as I can still use it in projects.

The focal piece was a Christmas ornament. Finding the glitter covered deer gave me the perfect item to use as the focal point. Which is important to have in an art piece.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

The Canvas Corp Brands mixed media pack is a great resource for this project. I pulled Tissue paper, burlap and scrapbook paper from the pack.

Have you seen those little sets of LED lights in the craft stores? Christmas is a great time to find these lights and if you are lucky you can get them on sale.

Recently I’ve gotten two new toys. One is a Silhouette CAMEO® 3 and the other is a Circut Explorer Air. With these two new toys I was able to cut the words and poinsettias.

The Silhouette design “Ornate Frame” paired with the Samantha font helped me create the phrase Believe in the Magic. I used the Cricut Joys of the Season cartridge Poinsettia, altering the image by adding more layers and changing the sizes of the petals.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

If you haven’t figured out yet I really love tools and gadgets. I also have the Tim Holtz Vagabond and I used this to cut the Sizzix Trees. It might be hard to tell but there are six trees on the canvas.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

This was a good challenge for me, to think outside of the box and make up an art piece that used black as the foundation. I enjoyed making this and now I’m planning on another project that I want to make similar to this piece.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

Have you tried a challenge like this one? Come and join the Canvas Corp Brands Collective to learn about other challenges and see lots of art to inspire you. Challenge #ccbblack

Here is just a little video of the piece. Enjoy!

Joined in the following challenges:

Not a Card

Anything goes

How to Decorate a Box

Today I want to share How to Decorate a Box using a few products from Brutus Monroe and Canvas Corp. Recently I became a member of the Inspiration Team with Brutus Monroe and I have acquired a few new products. Storage of these new products is important to me. I want to be able to find them and to keep the items neat. I had a nice sturdy box that I would use when I had a small project I was working on and wanted to keep everything together. This was the perfect opportunity for me to alter this box and transform it into something beautiful and functional.

The process was pretty easy if a little messy. It took a little over an hour to complete, and I think it could have taken less time, but I wasn’t sure what direction I was going. This was more of a play session, an opportunity to play with the products and get something pretty and useful at the same time.

I loved how the Canvas Corp paper took the sprays and transformed into a whole new paper. It may be time to order more of that paper! My local JoAnn’s had a paper pack, and I’m thankful that I found it there so I could play with all these yummy textures and prints.  Time to save some money so I can order a package or two.

How to Decorate a Box

Here is a list of some of the items I used:

Raven Detail Ink
Summer Chalk Shimmer Sprays
Liquid Element Bundle
Monroe Painted Feather
Angel Wings Stamp Set
Canvas Corp Brands Mixed Media Pack

The key to a project like this, is to use what you have and you like. The box turned out pretty and I know that I will enjoy using the box as well as looking at it on a regular bases.

Here is a video of the whole process.

Do you have a box you want to alter? This would be a perfect opportunity to pull out those supplies and make it look the way you want it to look. Create your own ending!

How to Decorate a Box

Chuck Carson Scarecrow – Happiest Halloween

Happiest Halloween it is sure to be using the Scarecrow from the Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe. I’m over on the Brutus Monroe Inspiration Team blog with a new project today.

It was fun using these stamps. The main reason is because I’m on the Inspiration Team. That means they are looking to me for Inspiration on using their products. This can put a lot of pressure on a person!!! But this is also something that I wanted to try. I wanted to push myself to try something new, to step outside of my comfort zone and think outside of the box. So far I’m loving this experience.  I’m meeting new people and learning new things.

Come along and see what I created. I know you will enjoy the Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe, make sure you get yours fast as these are a limited edition.

Happiest Halloween it is sure to be using the Scarecrow from the Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe

Some of the Brutus Monroe products:

Chuck Carson Collection – Scarecrow, Happiest Halloween
Detail Ink Raven
Mini Chalk Ink Pad
Summer Chalk Shimmer Spray
Liquid Element Copper

Watch a video of how this card was created here:

Did you enjoy the video? Got ideas you want to share? Then hit me up on any of the social media. I love answering questions and seeing what others are creating. Just tag me. 🙂 @lindaisrael or #lindaisrael

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Chuck Carson Scarecrow - Happiest Halloween

Blue Fairy – Painting is different than drawing.

Blue Fairy - Painting is different than drawingThis Blue Fairy – Painting is different than drawing. I’ve been working on an image of a fairy for a couple of weeks now. Refining her look and then finally adding wings..  Painted on an 11 by 14 canvas, it is much larger than any of the other painting I have ever done. Used some tools from my studio to give some texture to the painting – like the punchanella as a stencil. Maybe I need to take a few lessons, or just practice until I have it down… lol

Painting is different than drawing.. While I’ve been learning to draw with a graphite pencil transferring this into acrylic paint is a little bit of a learning curve… But I think I’m getting the hang of things, plus I can always just paint over the canvas and start over if I don’t like how things turn out. lol..

What new thing have you tried? Maybe you want to learn to cook, to draw, to write? Go ahead and take the steps to learn.. I purchased a book and started reading. You don’t need a class to get started, just start something today.