Peacock Junk Journal Elements

Been working on Peacock Junk Journal Elements. These are the items that will fill a junk journal as journal spots and tuck spots. I have found that if I sit down and make a bunch of these elements and then begin the junk journal it doesn’t take near as long.

Peacock Junk Journal Elements

The inspiration to make these elements with a Peacock theme came to me when I found a roll of peacock feather ribbon. I love the glitter on the ribbon and how bright the colors are as well.

There are 28 elements in this pack of Peacock Junk Journal Elements. Here is a video where I share the elements.

When I was at Canvas Corp Brands a couple of months ago I picked up a junk pack that included beautiful flocked paper.  I just knew that these would be perfect inside a junk journal or on greeting cards.

Found a pretty sparkly teal ribbon as well. Pairing the ribbons with the paper came out beautifully.

Peacock Junk Journal Elements

Using pages out of an old book I made a few tuck spots. One is a layered piece that has a hidden tuck spot built into the ribbon. Used PinkOddBird’s technique of a Potucelope that she shared on YouTube. These are super cute and easy to make. The little notepads came about from scraps from another junk journal element I made a while back. I’m so glad that I save the bits even if others might think they are too small to use.

Peacock Junk Journal Elements

An investment that I’m glad I made is buying different types of dies so that I could make tuck spots and journal spots with the shapes. One of my favorites is a butterfly. It comes as two layers but I only cut the solid image.

Peacock Junk Journal ElementsTrying to use up all of the scraps I made embellished paper clips. It is easy to fold over the paper and add a piece of the beautiful sparkly teal ribbon with a bit of sewing. It is such a pleasure to be able to use my sewing machine in my paper arts projects. These are perfect Peacock Junk Journal Elements to use in the next junk journal.

Peacock Junk Journal Elements

I have made up two of these kits for sale in my shop. The price includes shipping.

Want more items in the kit than the 28 included? Please feel free to contact me through my Facebook Page.

My hope is that I have inspired you to look at those papers in your stash and make your own kit to add to your journals. Or feel free to buy the ones I made up.

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