How to Make a St Patrick’s Day Altered Paperclip

It is so much fun to alter paperclips. Here is another tutorial: How to Make a St Patrick’s Day Altered Paperclip. Using Rinea Foil and a Shamrock cut on my Cricut.

How to make a St Patrick's Day Altered Paperclip

Wanting to make some fun St Patrick’s altered paper clips I turned to my Cricut first. There wasn’t a Shamrock in my Cricut files so I decided to draw the image and then scanned it into my computer.

Using the Cricut Software I then turned the image into a cut file and cut the Shamrock out of green card stock. Of course, I had to cut at least 20 because these turned out so cute!

Rinea Foil – Gold
Brutus Monroe Jurassic Ink
Jumbo Paperclip
Green card Stock
Paper Studios Star Embossing Folder
Tim Holtz Vagabond
Xyron Sticker Maker
Blending Tool
Punch Bunch Flower Punch
McGill Stylis
Fun Foam
Aleene’s Tacky White Glue

Cut a strip of Rinea Foil – Gold at 1.5 in. x 3 in. Emboss in Paper Studios Star Embossing folder with Tim Hotz Vagabond or other like machine. Fold in half and slide through the closed side of the paper clip. Glue with Aleene’s Tacky White Glue.

Place the shamrock in the Xyron Sticker maker then place on both sides of Rinea Foil.

Tie a bow with the Green ribbon and place on the corner of Shamrock.

Use the Punch Bunch flower punch on the Rinea Foil – Gold and punch two flowers. Place on fun foam and press with McGill Stylis to form into a flower. Adhere flower in the center of the shamrock. Repeat on the other side.

How to make a St Patrick's Day Altered Paperclip

Simple as that you have made a St Patrick’s Day Altered Paperclip.

Here is a video on How to Make a St Patrick’s Day Altered Paperclip.


Now that you know how to make a St Patrick’s Day Altered Paperclip, how many will you make?

How to make a St Patrick's Day Altered Paperclip

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How to make a thinking of you card with Christmas Stamps

Today I’ll show you How to make a thinking of you card with Christmas Stamps. I got the idea because I’ve been doing so many Christmas cards and had the stamps already on my desk. But it is time to switch gears and make non Christmas cards.

Looking at the Sketched Holiday Christmas Stamps from Brutus|Monroe. Which right now are offered in a limited edition card set. I saw that the pine branches and pine cones would make a great card.

How to make a thinking of you card with Christmas Stamps

Pulling some supplies from my stash I knew I could make a great Thinking of You card with these Christmas Stamps. I used the Script embossing folder from Cuttlebug, the embossing diffuser from Tim Hotz, gold and metallic green embossing powder, Versa Mark ink, Tim Hotlz Distressed ink and Tattered Angels Glimmer  Mists – Cork, Coffee Shop and Blarney.

The paper used was bright white cardstock and some textured green cardstock that was in my stash. I have so much paper that I have no idea where the green came from. My goal this past year was to use up as much of my stash has I can. I’ve been making progress, but I still have lots of stuff to use!

The top piece is cut at 3 inches square and then a green layer 3.25 inches. The next white layer was 4 inches by 5.25 inches. The last green layer was just shy of 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches. This last layer I like to make just a tad smaller than my standard A2 card (8.5 x 5.5 card folded in half).

How to make a thinking of you card with Christmas Stamps

Not sure where I got the Thinking of you stamp. Wish that stamp companies would print their names on the sheets of acrylic stamps. When the packaging is gone you don’t know where it came from unless you were smart and remembered to write it down or place the items in a notebook. Silly me forgot to do that. lol

There is a video of the whole process, please watch and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to make a thinking of you card with Christmas Stamps

Now that you know How to make a thinking of you card with Christmas Stamps, what will you make?

This finished card may be purchased for $10.00 including shipping here.

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Chuck Carson Scarecrow – Happiest Halloween

Happiest Halloween it is sure to be using the Scarecrow from the Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe. I’m over on the Brutus Monroe Inspiration Team blog with a new project today.

It was fun using these stamps. The main reason is because I’m on the Inspiration Team. That means they are looking to me for Inspiration on using their products. This can put a lot of pressure on a person!!! But this is also something that I wanted to try. I wanted to push myself to try something new, to step outside of my comfort zone and think outside of the box. So far I’m loving this experience.  I’m meeting new people and learning new things.

Come along and see what I created. I know you will enjoy the Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe, make sure you get yours fast as these are a limited edition.

Happiest Halloween it is sure to be using the Scarecrow from the Chuck Carson Collection for Brutus Monroe

Some of the Brutus Monroe products:

Chuck Carson Collection – Scarecrow, Happiest Halloween
Detail Ink Raven
Mini Chalk Ink Pad
Summer Chalk Shimmer Spray
Liquid Element Copper

Watch a video of how this card was created here:

Did you enjoy the video? Got ideas you want to share? Then hit me up on any of the social media. I love answering questions and seeing what others are creating. Just tag me. 🙂 @lindaisrael or #lindaisrael

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Chuck Carson Scarecrow - Happiest Halloween

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

Sometimes I cover myself in glitter and pretend I’m a Goddess. The real statement is I’m a Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess and you should look out! lol

I’ve been in love with this stamp by Lynne Perella for a very long time.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

She is an amazing artist and I’ve collected many of her stamps over the years. Today I decided it was time to use this Goddess to make a few greeting cards.

On this day the Goddess was calling to me from the water. I felt that she was surrounded with hues of blue and green with a touch of glimmer. Since I knew I wanted to make several cards I began by cutting papers to the sizes needed and getting all the supplies gathered. There are a couple of acrylic paints used, watered down to give a water color effect.  Glitter is always a plus as it gives just the sparkle that I love.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

Once the basic design was decided an assembly line was created. The back ground needed texture and swirls were the way I wanted to go today. Embossing folders are great to give texture to the background paper. There is a large stash of chipboard in my studio space, it was time to pull some and cut swirls to use on this card as well.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

The layers were coming together, I could see this Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess emerging out of the water. There was more that was needed.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

What else could I add to make this card outstanding? Prima flowers, that was the answer. These flowers have been multiplying in my studio, it is time that I start using them! Pulling out several jars I finally figured out on the colors I thought were pleasing and begin to apply them on the card. Of course I decided that the card also needed some fibers. It’s a good thing that I kept all those balls of fibers and yarns, these are coming in handy now! Did I say how much I like glitter? There is a large box of glitter paints / glues in my stash and I got to use some of those as well!

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

The cards were set aside to dry for the night. Sometimes you think a design is done, but once you walk away and come back something calls to you. In this case I knew that I needed to add a phrase to the front of the card.  It’s never Dangerous being who you are. This was the perfect saying for a Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess greeting card. The inside: Go ahead and let your inner Goddess free.


Ready to let your Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess free? Mine is free to create every day that I step into my studio. Go ahead and let your inner Goddess free. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.