Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal

Sharing an Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal featuring Canvas Corp Brands cardstock and Calico Collage Natures Glory digital images. Also used in this junk journal, acrylic paint, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Brutus Monroe Stamps and Ink, Washi tape, wallpaper samples, bits of lace and fabric, old computer punch cards, a coloring book page and more.

Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal

Standard Travelers Notebook measuring 8.25 in tall x 4.25 wide. Tied with a piece of lace seam binding and it can be removed from the journal if wanted. There are twelve sheets of paper for a total of 48 pages.

A video flip-through of Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal.

Recently I picked up a set of Orange papers from Canvas Corp Brands. I though these paired with the Natures Glory digital images from Calico Collage would go together nicely.

Once I had the pages cut to the size I wanted I used the leleftoverits to make journaling cards or tuck spots.

Ripping pages out of an old book is so much fun and even better is to turn these into new pages for a junk journal. I did this with two sets of pages in the journal. First I take two pages and add washi tape to attach and reinforce the center. Next I used some tissue paper, gesso and some Ranger sprays that I had in my stash. I used the same stencil on both of the sets so that there was some cohesiveness in the Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal.

While digging through my stash of items I found some really cool computer punch cards. These were given to me years ago and I hadn’t used but a few, These made perfect journaling cards for the journal. A few I painted, added bits of paper, wallpaper, and sewing. Of course they also have Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists added too.

Another item I found in my stash was popcorn bags. The old fashion paper type. I decided to paint the front with gesso and attach a floral napkin and a little more gesso on top.  These were then used as inserts in the journal. One I attached to a page so that there is the bag to add items into and the behind is a tuck spot.

Wallpaper samples are great go use as pages in junk journals too. For the Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal I decided to add a couple of wallpaper items. Die cutting the wallpaper for a corner tuck spot turned out pretty. I love the flowers on the wallpaper.

Several of the Calico Collage images were added into this junk journal with washi tape and some with sewing. Many of the images flip out so that journaling can be done on the back side.

There is even a Lavender Sachet included in this journal. It has real lavender flowers enclosed in paper and tulle. I love how it smells.

Holding this Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal in my hands makes me happy. I love the texture and colors on the pages. Sometimes when I look at what I created I think: “Did I make that?” I feel I have grown as an artist and have learned a lot.

Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal

My hope is that you are inspired by my Orange Natures Beauty Travelers Notebook Junk Journal and make one of your own. It is a lot of fun and there is no wrong way to make a junk journal. Use what you have and have fun.

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Quilting – A Butterfly Block

I have started quilting because of a couple of friends. I was invited to a group that meets on a Saturday and many of the ladies that meet quilt. Because of this group I have now been bitten by the quilting bug. I  made a quilt top Quilting - A Butterfly Blockmany years ago that a dear friend helped me finish by adding the boarders and the backing then finishing by quilting. But other than that I hadn’t really been serious about quilting well until now…

In June my neighbor invited me to attend a quilt guild meeting and I was so impressed by all that was shared. The ladies and a few men were so willing to share freely their knowledge. The guest speaker for the meeting was Pat Speth the Author of Nickle Quilts published in 2001. Her talk inspired me to go home and cut some fabric into 5 inch squares and sew those into a small quilt. (I’ll share that in another post) I had fun and was able to see the results of my efforts quickly. I have purchased two of her books and I’m really enjoying her instructions. I’m learning so much.

I decided that I would attend the July meeting of the quilt guild and in fact I became a new member. While I was there I learned about a project that is done every month called block lotto. Each person purchases a kit that has a piece of fabric that is around 11 to 12 inches in size and a pattern. The instructions tell you a basic idea of how to create a block that the finished size needs to be 12 inches unfinished 12 1/2 inches. A quarter of the fabric must be used on the block in a very recognizable way but really you can make the block anyway you like. If you want to piece the block, applique  or even paint the block and then add the fabric piece by sewing it into the block or applique you may do so. Once you have the block or blocks made the blocks are brought back to the next meeting where you turn them in and in return you get a chance to win at least 12 blocks of the same design all made by different people. I purchased this month’s Butterfly Block because I liked the way the block looked.  I thought why not try my hand at quilting a butterfly block, surely I can do this.

Quilting - A Butterfly BlockI decided to use some scrap fabric to figure out how to make the block so that I didn’t use up the piece of fabric that came in the kit. I had no idea that I would be cutting so many 2 inch squares just to make a 12 inch square block! And really it isn’t complete yet! There are 43 two inch squares and 6 three inch squares that needed to be cut for this project. It became harder than I thought to find a piece of scrap fabric to have enough to cut all the squares I needed. But I finally was able to get the pieces cut and started to lay out the pattern for sewing this afternoon. It took me a little over an hour of fretting but I got the block made!

What I learned from this project. Take your time to make sure that each set of blocks are lined up and that you do sew a true 1/4 inch seam. If you are off just a fraction the blocks won’t line up and the end product won’t look right. When you take the time to sew out the blocks the right way you will end up with a super cute block. I will try making it again and see how well I do a second time.

I’ll see if I can find the pattern online and add a link here… But I think you get the basic idea just by looking at my block, isn’t it cute? Thanks for reading.

ATC – Theme White Background

ATC - Theme White BackgroundThe challenge for this ATC was to have a White Background. So really this was an open theme and any art could be used on the card.

The weather in Oklahoma is turning nice. The sun is out and it is getting warmer. When that happens it makes me think back to when I was a kid and mom would have us hang the laundry out on the clothes line to dry. I loved how the clothes would smell when we took the clothes down. It also saved money to dry the clothes outside! lol

That is how this Dress ATC came to life.

Thinking about the good old days made me want to create that same feeling on my ATC.

Watch the following video to see how the card was made.

What does this sunny weather remind you of from your youth? If you could do something that  you used to do as a kid what would that activity be that you would do today?

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