How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case

My father-in-law gave me a project. I decided to make a tutorial. How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case. Using Suede-Tex products I show how I clean the case and then adhere the new flocking fibers.

How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case

When my father-in-law asked me about fixing up the gun case I had to put on my thinking cap. Then I remembered using Fun Flock years ago in my stamping paper arts projects. Of course, there had to be a product that I could use and after some research, I found out what I needed to order.

How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case Supplies
Stiff brush to remove old flocking
A large poster board to hold the mess
Latex paint if working on anything other than wood. Get it to match the color of the flocking just in case some peaks through.
Suede-Tex Mini Flocker – This holds the flocking fibers and makes it easy to apply
Flocking Fibers
Suede-Tex Undercoat Adhesive
Foam brushes to apply paint and glue

Now that all the supplies have been collected let’s get started. First I cleaned the items to be covered. These were made of Foam and Styrofoam. Use a firm and gentle touch to remove the old flocking. I made sure to wipe down all the items to get any loose fibers removed.

Using a foam brush apply the latex paint to the surface you want to flock. Keep the layer thin and even if possible. When I went to buy the paint I decided to have it tinted close to the same blue as the flocking. Let the latex paint dry. For my project, I left it over night to dry.

Apply the adhesive with a clean foam brush in an even application. Once the adhesive has been applied quickly start adding the flocking fibers as the glue will start to lose the tackiness and the fibers won’t stick if you wait too long. After the fibers been applied let these items sit over night. The adhesive has a smell so I put the items out in my Sun room to dry so I didn’t have to smell the adhesive.

The next day tap off the excess fibers. These fibers can be recycled, don’t throw out unless there is other debris in the fibers. Just place back in the bag of fibers to use later as the 3-ounce bag goes a long way.

How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case

Here is a video showing the process. It took me about an hour to clean, paint and adhere the flocking fibers. The pieces were left to dry over night after each application.

Fixing up this presentation gun case for my father-in-law was fun. I’m glad that I was able to help restore the case and give added beauty back to the case.

Want me to add new flocking to your case? Then contact me and we will discuss the cost and how long it will take.

How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today to learn How to Reflock a Presentation Gun Case.

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