Mini Natures Glory Junk Journal

So I’m in love with this Natures Glory journal Kit by Calico College. So today, I’m sharing a Mini Natures Glory Junk Journal that I made. It’s a great little journal that will fit in a bag easily.

Colorful images, journal spots, and pockets, plenty of room to journal, add photos or other small mementos. When I pick up this journal and hold it in my hand, it makes me smile.

Video flip through for Mini Natures Glory Junk Journal.

For this journal, I asked my very sweet husband if he could print the pages at 5 x 7 in. He brought home a set of papers that were printed at 5 x 7 in. but I was hoping that he could get two images per a sheet of paper and explained better what I really wanted.

The next set of papers were just what I wanted. With these papers, I then proceeded to print journal lines on the back sides so there would be lots of room to journal.

I also printed journal lines on some linen text weight paper that I have in my stash. This paper is a pale green. But once I sprayed it with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists the green faded into pretty pinks, teals and purples.

This journal measures 3.75 inches by 5 inches tall and 1 inch thick. It has three signatures of 7 pages each, providing 84 pages in this tiny journal.

Since I had two sets of papers and one was actually smaller than the other I used one for the pages in the journal. The other set became journal spots or papers that could be taken out of the journal.

Washi tape and stamping was also used on many of the pages. I think I just love the idea that when you pick up this journal there really aren’t any blank white pages for you to be intimidated by instead, you will be inspired to write or doodle on the colorful pages.

A length of purple lace seam binding ties the journal close.

Journal making is a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying these digital kits from Calico Collage. The images that she uses in the kits are beautiful. Make sure to check out her shop to see all of the beautiful kits she offers.

Interested in purchasing this finished journal or other journals that I’ve made? Check out my store.

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7gypsies & Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal

Recently while at CCB I picked up a 7gypsies Starter Journal. So today I’m sharing how to use the 7gypsies & Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal that I made.

Recently while at CCB I picked up a 7gypsies Starter Journal. So today I'm sharing how to use the 7gypsies & Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal that

To begin with, the 7gypsies Starter Journal is perfect for those that don’t want to make a journal from the ground up. If you are looking for a foundation to start from, a jumping point to begin then this is the perfect journal for you.

The 7gypsies Starter Journal is 5 in. x 7 in. when folded or 7 in. tall x 10 in. wide when laying flat and sewed in the middle. It has eight pieces of 80 pound recycled cardstock, when this is folded in half you then have 16 pages to decorate. The price is really fair for this journal at only $2.99 US on the website.

For my journal today I had some pages left over from my last Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal, check out my other journal I made here. Since I had pages left over and I had the 7gypsies Starter Journal I thought why not combine the two and make it a 7gypsies & Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal.


Here is a video of me making the 7gypsies & Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal.

I added a bit of Glitter Washi Tape and a few journal cards from my stash. Of course, Lace Seam Binding is always a really nice touch for a closure and I seem to have a nice stash of it to use.

A mix of adhesives was used: ATG Gun and Aleene’s Tacky Glue. It all depends on when I needed an adhesive. If’ I’m making a pocket I use the Aleene’s as that will ensure that any paper I stick into the pocket won’t get stuck on the adhesive.

One of my favorite inks to use is the Black Detail Ink – Raven, it is a true black and it is permanent when dry.

I had a great time making this journal and was glad to be able to use all the leftover bits from the other journal. If you are like me, you don’t need to add more items to your stash, you want to use as much as you can.

By using the 7gypsies Starter Journal I was able to fill it with the bits and have a really nice journal that I can keep, sell or give away.

Interested in purchasing this 7gypsies & Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal? The completed journal is available for sale in my shop.

7gypsies & Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal

Whole cover, front and back

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