Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

This post is all about the Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge.

The idea was to create anything that was all black. “Create a project that is 90% black – the other 10% can only be white, grey, or metallic.”

To begin with I found an old canvas that I had on hand. This canvas had a hole punched in it and I knew I wouldn’t use it for another project.

Gathering up lots of black items I had a nice pile on my work desk. Where to begin…

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

I didn’t have any black gesso so I sorta made a grey gesso. Since I didn’t have any black gesso I mixed white gesso with black paint. What I should have done is made the gesso from scratch. But for now I’ll keep the grey as I can still use it in projects.

The focal piece was a Christmas ornament. Finding the glitter covered deer gave me the perfect item to use as the focal point. Which is important to have in an art piece.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

The Canvas Corp Brands mixed media pack is a great resource for this project. I pulled Tissue paper, burlap and scrapbook paper from the pack.

Have you seen those little sets of LED lights in the craft stores? Christmas is a great time to find these lights and if you are lucky you can get them on sale.

Recently I’ve gotten two new toys. One is a Silhouette CAMEO® 3 and the other is a Circut Explorer Air. With these two new toys I was able to cut the words and poinsettias.

The Silhouette design “Ornate Frame” paired with the Samantha font helped me create the phrase Believe in the Magic. I used the Cricut Joys of the Season cartridge Poinsettia, altering the image by adding more layers and changing the sizes of the petals.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

If you haven’t figured out yet I really love tools and gadgets. I also have the Tim Holtz Vagabond and I used this to cut the Sizzix Trees. It might be hard to tell but there are six trees on the canvas.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

This was a good challenge for me, to think outside of the box and make up an art piece that used black as the foundation. I enjoyed making this and now I’m planning on another project that I want to make similar to this piece.

Canvas Corp Brands Black Friday Challenge

Have you tried a challenge like this one? Come and join the Canvas Corp Brands Collective to learn about other challenges and see lots of art to inspire you. Challenge #ccbblack

Here is just a little video of the piece. Enjoy!

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How to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card 52CCT

Today its about How to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card 52CCT.

I’ve been following the 52 Christmas Card Thowdown blog for almost two months. I love the prompts and it gives me cards to create. If you haven’t check them out be sure to do so today.

How to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card 52CCT

For this challenge the idea was to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card. Looking through my ephemera I remembered I had several old Christmas cards. I knew one would be perfect for this post on How to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card 52CCT. Finding the perfect one I printed it with my inkjet printer. Feel free to use this image for your own card.

How to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card 52CCT

Next using my Cricut I cut out the snow globe image. The image was cut as three layers. Top layer was the white area where Santa would reside, second layer is brown and then the bottom layer was black.

Pulling a piece of textured green cardstock from my stash that I knew would be a perfect card topper. One of my background stamps would be perfect for this project, the Stampin Up Filigree stamp with some gold embossing powder.

Used a crop a dial corner rounder to round the corners of the green textured cardstock and the white card base.

Tim Holtz distressed ink – broken glass was used around the globe to give that “glass” look and feel.

How to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card 52CCT

A Stampendous Sentiment – Have a Merry Christmas was used on the base of the snow globe. Don’t forget that you can mix and match your stamps. Find the one that works for your project.

Gold Ribbon from my stash was used on the base of the snow globe. I thought it gave it a nice gilded gold look.

Many years ago I went on an eBay shopping spree and picked up over 300 little puffy iridescent snowflakes. It seems that even though I feel like I’ve used a lot of these little guys there isn’t an end to the supply.

Of course I have to add sparkle to projects some how.. On this project I used Tulip fabric paint. I found this trick several years ago when buying the glitter paint for a much lower price and it seems to work great on paper projects.

A few self adhesive rhinestones were used in the centers of the snowflakes.

Here is a video of the whole process as sometimes I forget some of the steps when I write it all out. lol


This card turned out wonderful, if you don’t mind me boasting. I love the texture and feel of the card. It makes me think of old days gone by when things were a much slower pace.

How to make an Old Fashion Christmas Card 52CCT

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Thanks for stopping by the blog. Get out there and Aspire to be Amazing!

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

Sometimes I cover myself in glitter and pretend I’m a Goddess. The real statement is I’m a Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess and you should look out! lol

I’ve been in love with this stamp by Lynne Perella for a very long time.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

She is an amazing artist and I’ve collected many of her stamps over the years. Today I decided it was time to use this Goddess to make a few greeting cards.

On this day the Goddess was calling to me from the water. I felt that she was surrounded with hues of blue and green with a touch of glimmer. Since I knew I wanted to make several cards I began by cutting papers to the sizes needed and getting all the supplies gathered. There are a couple of acrylic paints used, watered down to give a water color effect.  Glitter is always a plus as it gives just the sparkle that I love.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

Once the basic design was decided an assembly line was created. The back ground needed texture and swirls were the way I wanted to go today. Embossing folders are great to give texture to the background paper. There is a large stash of chipboard in my studio space, it was time to pull some and cut swirls to use on this card as well.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

The layers were coming together, I could see this Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess emerging out of the water. There was more that was needed.

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

What else could I add to make this card outstanding? Prima flowers, that was the answer. These flowers have been multiplying in my studio, it is time that I start using them! Pulling out several jars I finally figured out on the colors I thought were pleasing and begin to apply them on the card. Of course I decided that the card also needed some fibers. It’s a good thing that I kept all those balls of fibers and yarns, these are coming in handy now! Did I say how much I like glitter? There is a large box of glitter paints / glues in my stash and I got to use some of those as well!

Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess

The cards were set aside to dry for the night. Sometimes you think a design is done, but once you walk away and come back something calls to you. In this case I knew that I needed to add a phrase to the front of the card.  It’s never Dangerous being who you are. This was the perfect saying for a Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess greeting card. The inside: Go ahead and let your inner Goddess free.


Ready to let your Dangerous Glittered Covered Goddess free? Mine is free to create every day that I step into my studio. Go ahead and let your inner Goddess free. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.