How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

Have you been to Michaels and seen the Mixed Media Packs? I used one in a journal. How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal shows how I used this Mixed Media Pad and the canvas included.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

A few days back I shared a shopping haul that included two of the Mixed Media Packs. There are so many wonderful papers and textures in these pads. Check out the video here.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

For this junk journal, I truly decided to pull items from my stash. When I have scraps of paper from fished projects I save them in a storage pocket. So I pulled several of these pockets and dug through the papers. The items may not have been perfect for the original purpose and ended up in the storage pockets, but now they were perfect to add into a junk journal.

Save those pieces that you think are not perfect, you will be surprised how well these will work inside a junk journal.

The mixed media pack I used is called Frills and I found it at Michaels normally for $14.99 each. The papers are 12 in. x 12 in. cardstock. I decided that I also wanted lined papers for journaling. I used some linen papers from my stash, that I then ran through my printer and added lines. Since these papers were only 11 inches long and I wanted these to be 12 inches long I added scraps of paper and washi tape to the ends to extend the length.

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists are such a great way to add color to the pages. I’m not one to use coffee or tea to stain the papers. The brighter colors appeal to me and Glimmer Mists are a great way to add these brighter colors to pages.

Have you ever looked at those daily flip desk calendars? The ones with beautiful images and sometimes a quote. Years ago I would get one to display on my desk at work. I saved several of those pages and these are great images to add to a junk journal.

The images from Calico Collage Flowers for my Lady Journal Tags are perfect for small journal spots. These images are ATC size measuring 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. I love the vintage images with the flowers. Mine were printed on cardstock so these make perfect journal spots.

There are three signatures with then sheets in each. That means there are 120 pages to enjoy in this journal. There are eight altered paper clips throughout the journal as well. The junk journal measures 6.75 in. x 7.75 in. with a two inch spine.

One of the tuck spots was something I learned from YouTuber PinkOddBird. She showed how to make some really cool envelope, tuck spots and I loved how those turned out so I added a few to this junk journal.

Making this journal took a while, well over 5 hours, closer to 6. I filmed at least 2 hours and condensed it down to 1 hour. Enjoy the video on How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal.

A close-up of the Canvas Covered Junk Journal cover.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

If you only want to see a flip through of the journal I made another video just showing the goodies inside.

If you are interested in purchasing this or one of my other junk journals visit my store. I’m always adding new things.

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Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal #2

I’ve made another junk journal. Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal #2 is the newest junk journal I made. This journal features the beautiful digital images from Calico Collage and papers from my stash.

Spring Peacock Junk Journal #2

The journal measures 6 in. x 8.5 in. x 1 in.

Each signature has one page of heavy handmade watercolor paper.

There are three signatures sewn into the book with at least eight pages in each signature. This makes 48 pages in the book. Handmade pockets are added into the book to give a place for mementos. Some of the pockets are made out of an old book and an old dictionary.

In the center of each signature, little butterflies cap the ends of the waxed linen thread that bind the book together.

Several of the pages have a decorative edge. I used three different types of edge border punches to give a pretty edge on these pages.

Lots of room to journal. Many of the pages have journal lines. There are several pages that are ready to have photos or other items pasted into the journal as well.

When holding this journal under the light you will see it sparkle. Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists were used on all of the pages in the journal.

There are six embellished or altered paper clips in this journal. These were embellished with paper flowers and rhinestones.

Several of the pages have a pretty flourish stamped as well as butterflies.

There are pockets on the inside front and back covers.

A pretty peacock blue ribbon ties the journal close.

Video flip through of Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal #2.

The journal is ready for you to write your thoughts and dreams. I love flipping through this journal looking at the beautiful images and feeling the texture of the pages.

To purchase the Calico Collage Spring Peacock Junk Journal #2 visit my shop. If this journal has sold, feel free to contact me about making another.

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How to Make a Travel ATC size Junk Journal

After making the Traveling Through Junk Journal I had left over papers. So I decided that I would share How to Make a Travel ATC size Junk Journal. An ATC is 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. in size. So this is a small journal filled with lots of journal spots.

Using some of the scraps left over papers from the Calico Collage Travelin’ Through digital images I made a mini Travel ATC size Junk Journal.

The foundation of the journal is a piece of cardstock that was cut at 3.5 inches tall and scored at 2.5 inches. Two of these were cut and scored.

Fold like an accordion, then glue the pages together but leave the top open to form a pocket.

Trim the scraps to fit on the pages formed in the book. Distress with Tim Holtz Distress ink – Brushed Corduroy.

Adhere the scraps to the pages with Aleene’s white glue.

Make tuck spots with other scraps and add to the book.

Add journal tags in the pockets. These were left over from the kit.

Glue a piece of twine around the outside of the cover. Make long enough to tie the journal closed. Add scraps to make the cover and back.

Distress the title of the paper collection with Tim Holtz Distress ink – Brushed Corduroy. Trim the corners so that this will fit on the cover. Adhere to the cover at an angle.

This was a fun Travel ATC size Junk Journal to make, as I got to use up all the scraps left over from the big journal.

A video of How to Make a Travel ATC size Junk Journal was made:

Being able to use up scraps is one of my goals this year and I’m glad that I got to make this little Travel ATC size Junk Journal. I hope to make more little journals like this throughout the year.

What kind of little journals would you make?

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How to make a Traveling Through Junk Journal

Having fun making junk journals. Sharing How to make a Traveling Through Junk Journal today. Using the Calico Collage Travelin Through Digital kit.

How to make a Traveling Through Junk Journal


For this journal, I used some watercolor paper I had on hand for the pages. Some chipboard claimed from paper boxes. And all the scraps from cutting up the kit that I could.

How to make a Traveling Through Junk Journal

While looking through my stash I found a stack of travel themed journal cards. These were perfect to add into the pockets that were created in my journal. I also found a few library pockets and coin envelopes.


Brutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven was used with the Stamps. Zettiology stamps were used as journal notes on some of the items. These stamps are so cool.

Tim Holtz Distress ink was used to finish the cut edges of the papers and blend when needed. There were even a few journal cards used from one of his card sets.

The Calico Collage Traveling Through Digital kit has lots of beautiful papers and I used most of the kit. Lots of journaling tags and pockets in this kit. The little flags were made into tuck spots and altered or embellished paper clips too.

When I ran out of the flags I used scraps to make more by folding these in half, gluing and cutting a pennant shape on the end. Don’t throw out those scraps.

The watercolor paper was 6 in. x 24.5 in. I made score marks at 5 in. The leftover piece was 4.5 in. So this became a fold out piece. I think this added character to the book, don’t you?

For the closure on this journal, I used a piece of ribbon and a piece of velcro. A scrap of cardboard was cut at 1 in. square. Covered with a scrap from an old book then a square of the digital papers on top. Having the square helps have a handle to open the closure.

A video was made of the process. It is at super fast speed. So feel free to ask questions.

This was a fun book to make. I like how the size turned out and how sleek this book looks.

Would you carry this Traveling Through Junk Journal with you on a trip?

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Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit

I made a Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit. This kit is so beautiful I just had to make another journal using these papers. Many of the pages can be used outside of Valentines and I know I’ll be printing more of these for other projects.

Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit

For this journal I decided to make the journal out of 11 in. x 17 in. card stock folded into thirds with pockets. There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make a journal like this so I won’t take the time to explain. But if you are interested I’ll make a follow up post.

Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit

Once I had the pages defined I started distressing the papers and adding each of the printed images or scrap papers to the pages.

Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit

Every page has something added. Either it has a pocket or a tuck spot. All kinds of places to add notes or photos. Lots of little bits to write love notes or memories.

Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit

My thought was this would be a great journal to write love notes to that one that you love and give it to them. What fun would they have going through each page looking at each item. They could enjoy seeing the beautiful papers and seeing what you add to the book.

Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit

Here is a list of some of the items used:
Calico Collage Valentines Love Journal Kit
Calico Collage Vintage Valentines
Calico Collage Romantic Lovers
Prima Paper Flowers
Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Brutus Monroe Detail Ink
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists
Pages from an old book
Scraps of paper
Corner Rounder
Silhouette Cameo 3
Paper Cutter
Aleens White Glue
Glitter Paint
Scraps of Burlap
Tag Punch
Paper Clip Embellishments
Hand made Papers

A flip through video shows all of the pages and the items added.

This video is a process video that shows how the book was made. It took over 3 hours to make this journal. Actually more as some of the time was planning on how to create the journal.

I really enjoyed making this Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit. There will be more journals offered in my shop so keep coming back to see what I have created.

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Valentine Junk Journal Using Calico Collage Journal Kit