How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace

To see How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace. Using Calico Collage Fairy Forest Digital Images attached to dominoes with Diamond Glaze. A fun fast way to add new jewelry to your stash or make as gifts.

How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace

Supply List for How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace
Calico Collage Fairy Forest Digital Images
Judikins Diamond Glaze
Black Dominos
Paint Brush
Brutus Monore Detail Ink – Raven
Fiskars 5 Inch Softgrip Scissors
Glue On Bail if you want 50 I found a set on Amazon.
Loctite Super Glue
Black Leather Cord Necklace 20 inches long – Here is a set of 50 on Amazon.

Making these Fairy Forest Domino Necklaces are very easy. I will say that you will want to make these on a nice weather day as moisture will cause issues with the Diamond Glaze and with the glue drying. When the weather is nice there are no issues and everything works beautifully.

How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace

Select images from the Fairy Forest Digital Images – these are domino size 1 in. x 2 in. Trim out to the size of the image.

Using a paint brush apply a layer of Diamond Glaze to the domino, then place the image face up, on top.

Trim the image close to the domino. Use Brutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven to cover the white edges of the paper. This will also help blend the paper to the domino.

Coat the top of the domino with Diamond Glaze. Go slow when squeezing the Diamond Glaze so that you don’t get bubbles. Bubbles are hard to get rid of, you will have to poke these with a pin.

Let air dry, depending on the moisture in the air it could take thirty minutes or it could take a couple of hours. I have found that if you try to dry with a heat tool it will cause the Diamond Glaze to bubble.

Once the Diamond Glaze is dry flip the domino over and apply Loctite super glue to adhere the bail.

When the super glue is dry it is ready for the necklace. How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace

Here is a video showing the process of How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace.

See simple huh? These would be a great thing to make for gifts or if you want to set up at a craft fair.

Love how these turned out and I have been making a bunch of these.

How to make a Fairy Forest Domino Necklace

Hope this inspires you to make a few.

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How to make Scrabble Jewelry

How to make Scrabble Jewelry, using Calico Collage Digital images – Simply Spring Charms, Brutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven, Judikins Diamond Glaze, 8-Ounce and jewelry findings.

How to make Scrabble Jewelry

Recently while shopping in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby I found some black mixed media scrabble tiles. I knew that these would be perfect to make Scrabble Jewelry.

Supplies used:
Scrabble like tiles on Amazon.
Calico Collage Digital Images – Simply Spring Charm images.
Brutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven
Judikins Diamond Glaze, 8-Ounce – on Amazon
Jewelry Bails – on Amazon.
Square Punch – on Amazon
Scissors – on Amazon

These are super easy to make. And since I used the Diamond Glaze I can choose to make one or 100. Diamond Glaze doesn’t require mixing. No need to know the exact amount for the project. Just pour on what you need.

What I really love about the Calico Collage images is that they are crisp clear images even when only 1 inch in size. I was able to use a small square punch to select the images. It was easier once I cut the images into strips. That way I could put the punch where I wanted.

How to make Scrabble Jewelry

The little Scrabble Jewelry pieces will make great gifts for Birthday, Mother’s Day, Anniversary and evenChristmas. Or if you are wanting to make a little money, just gather up all the supplies and make as many as you want. It may even turn into a full-time job.

However, if you are not into making these, hit me up. I’ll make some for you, just tell me what kind of images you like the most.

When I made these I didn’t even purchase necklaces. I used cord that I had in my stash. Can use leather cord or even nylon cord, the choice is up to you.

Here is a video on how to make Scrabble Jewelry:

Who would you give Scrabble Jewelry to in your life? My mother might like one of these. Now I just have to decide which image she would like. Or I guess I could take a selection to her so that she could choose.

How to make Scrabble Jewelry

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