Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms

Love making journal jewelry so today I’m sharing How to make Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms for the Halloween Junk Journal I’m working on at the moment. It’s fun to see what I can add to a Junk Journal that fits the theme.

Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms

Items used for the Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms.

Needle Nose or round nose Pliers
The chain can be any color, you just want the rings big enough to attach jump rings through.
Charms and items to add to chains
Jump rings – I found a kit on Amazon that has a ton of different sizes.
Large closed ring to hang chains

My collection of charms and components don’t include a lot of Halloween items. So I thought I would make due with what I have. Look at charms to see if there is some that could be used. While looking for charms I found wings and spiders that I thought were cool. I also found a few keys. Like the large keys I used? I have more of the large keys if anyone is interested in purchasing those in my shop.

Two Large Keys with shipping inside the US is $10.00.

Here is a video on how to make Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms.

In the video above, I show a completed beaded element. If you would like to see a video on how to make that element watch the following video, How to make Journal Charms.

Making these Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms is a lot of fun. Picking out items that go well together and make that tinkling sound when they are hanging on a journal makes me so happy.

Remember that it is okay to mix the metal colors in jewelry as it is a neutral color. So when you pick out your elements pick a variety of color and size as that adds interest.

Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms

Think outside the box when looking for journal charms too. That lonely earring can be used, that broken neckless can now have a new purpose.

One of my favorite things is making the beaded elements out of what ever beads I want that fits my mood.

The key is to have fun!

Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms

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My hope is that I have inspired you to look at those papers in your stash and make your own junk journal.

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Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today to learn about Halloween Journal Jewelry Charms.

How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag

Today is about How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag. I was inspired by prayer flags that I saw in a magazine a while back and I wanted to make my own. I did some research and found that there really isn’t a right or wrong way to make prayer flags. Prayer flags can be sewn. The flags can be made out of paper or fabric, it doesn’t really matter. But I knew that I wanted to use fabric and that it had to be easy. And that this is a project that needed to be made in the studio without a lot of special equipment, like a sewing machine.

Pulling some Adirondack color wash sprays from my stash along with some fabric, there was a plan forming. While this is the very first one I have ever made I had some basic knowledge of how different mediums would work together. It helps having all kinds of mixed media supplies on hand. And my husband says I’m a hoarder, if I didn’t have all of this wonderful stuff I couldn’t create wonderful art! lol

This is a great way to use  rubber stamps, fabric and acrylic paint to make something unique for a gift. Each prayer flag will be unique and custom. One thing that I like about making gifts for others is each one comes from the heart, don’t you agree?

What would you like to put on a prayer flag?  Making this flag has given me ideas of others I want to make. Need to find more hours in the day to create!  My dream job would be to have the ability to create art all day long. To have a no pressure job where I can design art of all kinds to share with the world. Do you have a dream job? What would your dream job be, share it with me.

How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag

Watch this video of How to make a No Sew Prayer Flag and share what you made.