To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal

To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal using Calico Collage Digital Images Love Story, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Lace, Scraps of paper, paper napkins and sewing. There is a lot of yummy texture in this To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal.

To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal

Video flip through of To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal.

I wasn’t sure how big to make the To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal so I asked a few of my friends in Junk Journals Junkies 1 what their thoughts were. What I should have done as asked a day in advance but I was in the middle of making this journal and asked my question: How many signatures and pages should be in this junk journal? I asked one signature of 10 to 15 pages or Three signatures of 10 sheets each. At first, the one signature was winning out. But later the next day the Three signature book was ahead.

In this To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal I decided to make it with 12 sheets of paper that are folded in half. This makes 48 pages to work with in this junk journal. Measuring 5.25 in x 7.5 in. Lace around the edge of the cover and bits of lace throughout the journal as well.

There are so many things I want to add to a junk journal. It is really hard to get all the items in, without spending days or adding one hundred pages. LOL

For this To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal I decided to do a little mixed media. Taking two pages out of an old book – these came free of the book as an attached pair. I used washi tape down the Center to give more strength to the pages and then I proceeded to paint with gesso. Once the Gesso was dry I then adhered a napkin. The key is to remove the layers of the napkin and I used Acrylic Gel Medium to adhere. It’s okay if there are wrinkles. It adds to the texture. On top of the napkin I added more gesso. The edges have been aged with distressed inks and there is a little bit of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists as well.

When I cut down the page to fit into my desired size, I had scraps left over. This gave me an idea to make small pockets and to use on the top of tags for journal spots. My sewing machine came in handy for attaching the elements together and I love the texture and feel of romance it adds.

There is a fun pocket page that I added to this journal that one of my youtube fans introduced to me. She very kindly gave me a beautiful Junk Journal and it had one of this pocket pages inside. It took me a moment, but I figured out how it was made and decided to make my own with this beautiful glitter printed mulberry looking paper.

Love using Calico Collage images. These are so beautiful. And very easy to create a junk journal around.

To Have and To Hold Wedding Junk Journal

This would make a great wedding gift or a bridal shower gift so that the bride could record special memories leading up to her wedding.

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