How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

Have you been to Michaels and seen the Mixed Media Packs? I used one in a journal. How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal shows how I used this Mixed Media Pad and the canvas included.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

A few days back I shared a shopping haul that included two of the Mixed Media Packs. There are so many wonderful papers and textures in these pads. Check out the video here.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

For this junk journal, I truly decided to pull items from my stash. When I have scraps of paper from fished projects I save them in a storage pocket. So I pulled several of these pockets and dug through the papers. The items may not have been perfect for the original purpose and ended up in the storage pockets, but now they were perfect to add into a junk journal.

Save those pieces that you think are not perfect, you will be surprised how well these will work inside a junk journal.

The mixed media pack I used is called Frills and I found it at Michaels normally for $14.99 each. The papers are 12 in. x 12 in. cardstock. I decided that I also wanted lined papers for journaling. I used some linen papers from my stash, that I then ran through my printer and added lines. Since these papers were only 11 inches long and I wanted these to be 12 inches long I added scraps of paper and washi tape to the ends to extend the length.

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists are such a great way to add color to the pages. I’m not one to use coffee or tea to stain the papers. The brighter colors appeal to me and Glimmer Mists are a great way to add these brighter colors to pages.

Have you ever looked at those daily flip desk calendars? The ones with beautiful images and sometimes a quote. Years ago I would get one to display on my desk at work. I saved several of those pages and these are great images to add to a junk journal.

The images from Calico Collage Flowers for my Lady Journal Tags are perfect for small journal spots. These images are ATC size measuring 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. I love the vintage images with the flowers. Mine were printed on cardstock so these make perfect journal spots.

There are three signatures with then sheets in each. That means there are 120 pages to enjoy in this journal. There are eight altered paper clips throughout the journal as well. The junk journal measures 6.75 in. x 7.75 in. with a two inch spine.

One of the tuck spots was something I learned from YouTuber PinkOddBird. She showed how to make some really cool envelope, tuck spots and I loved how those turned out so I added a few to this junk journal.

Making this journal took a while, well over 5 hours, closer to 6. I filmed at least 2 hours and condensed it down to 1 hour. Enjoy the video on How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal.

A close-up of the Canvas Covered Junk Journal cover.

How to make a Canvas Covered Junk Journal

If you only want to see a flip through of the journal I made another video just showing the goodies inside.

If you are interested in purchasing this or one of my other junk journals visit my store. I’m always adding new things.

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Haul Hobby Lobby & Michael’s April 2017

I went shopping, I know I really shouldn’t have but I wanted to pick up some new papers. Today I’ll share the Haul Hobby Lobby & Michael’s April 2017. What did I get? Some cool papers packages, dies and a set of stamps.

Haul Hobby Lobby & Michael's April 2017

It seems these stores know that the coupons and sales will bring me to them and I’ll spend money. I try to stay away as long as possible! LOL

Here is a video I created telling all about the items I picked up for the Haul Hobby Lobby & Michael’s April 2017.

Of course, I don’t need any more paper in my studio. But When I was out shopping I just couldn’t pass up the great deals on the pretty paper packages.

Since I’ve been making junk journals I really like to have a variety of papers throughout the journal. All four of the paper packs that I picked up have awesome images that can be used in junk journals or I can make greeting cards. So many options.

The dies I picked up will be great for cards and mixed media. I really like the Globe die, I think it will be a lot of fun to use in junk journals and on cards as well.

The stamp set was a last moment item. I happened to see that there was a sale on the stamps and decided to take a quick look. The sayings in this set are perfect to add to cards or even journal pages.

Now that I have more goodies added to my stash, it is time to get busy and make something awesome!

Haul Hobby Lobby & Michael's April 2017

Have you been out shopping lately? What was your find that you are happy to have? Feel free to share what you picked up, who knows, maybe I’ll just need to get it too!


Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby

Sharing a Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby. It’s one of those things that I needed to share. Husband doesn’t understand my wanting to chat with someone all the things I purchased. But I know my internet friends understand.

Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby

Don’t you have fun when you go shopping for art and craft supplies? I try not to do it to often. My goal this year is to reduce the amount of items in my studio, not add to it daily. lol But sometimes you have to go out and get a few things.

Here is a video of all the goodies I got. Enjoy

Shopping Haul Video Featuring Tuesday Morning, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby

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Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil

Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil. I did a bad thing as my husband would say. I went shopping. Mainly because I had a gift card and because I wanted to get some items for my Happy Planner.

Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil

Boy was I lucky that I went shopping! While at Hobby Lobby I found a Happy Planner 9 hole punch for $17.99. I was going to go to Michaels and purchase the one they offer but it was $39.99. So I figured I saved money even if I have to make two punches for an 8.5 in. x 11 in. page. It was worth saving the money.

Since I didn’t have to use a 40% off coupon to get the punch I did pick up a package of 12 page protectors. These I knew would be fun to add items to my planner.

But I did make it to Michaels because one of my Facebook friends posted that there was a new display of Unicorn items. She was so bad for doing this! LOL I just had to go see what was being offered. Thankfully I had a 60% off coupon I could use and was able to get a great deal on a set of stamps, a package of unicorn washi tape and even stickers. I’m so excited to be able to use these in my planner.

Here is a little video of the items I purchased.

Finally while watching a video by Karen Burchill on youtube about her making a stencil for her planner. I got an idea to make a stencil on my Silhouette Cameo 3 using write on transparency film. This stencil fits the boxes in my Happy Planner. When I want to decorate a box and not make a mess outside of that box I can lay my stencil down and it will protect the area around the box.

Being excited about making this stencil I ended up making 3 patterns and a plain box. I see myself making more of these. Now to draw some designs to scan into my computer!

What kind of images would you like to use on your stencils? I would love to read your ideas, it may spark an idea to help me create my own stencils. And maybe I’ll even share the file with you if you have a Silhouette.


Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage

Today I’ll share my Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage. I’ve not been doing a lot of shopping. Mainly because there is a lot of supplies in my studio already. But on occasion I do need to restock those items that run low. Or if I’m working on a special project pick up what is needed to complete the project.

Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage

Thus a run to Michaels came about. Thankful that I happen to be in the Rewards Program because I was able to use a 30% off all regular price items.

What did I get? Well not very much really. But I got a nice 12 in. x 12 in. storage box. This box will be used to store projects in the works.

Foam brushes are always a must as I seem to use these a lot. Do you wash yours out and reuse them? I do and some of mine are looking really ratty. This package has some really cool small daubers that should be fun to use. I didn’t notice that when I purchased the package.

For some reason I loose my paint pallets. Either they get dirty and I drop them in my bucket of water. (There is a bucket by my desk that my stencils go in when I’m working.) Or I just loose them all together. Now that I purchased 6 more I’m sure I’ll find all the other ones.

Refill for my ATG. Seems every time I use that thing I run out of tape and it is at a critical moment and I don’t have extra. Thus I purchased a two pack while it was on my mind.

In February I’ll be teaching a class at a local shop and decided I should get some 12 in. x 12 in. canvases. More details will come later on this project. It was a great price for these. So I’m glad I got them now.

A splurge tool was Starburst nesting dies. These should be fun to use on my projects in the future.

This year I’ve decided that I want to try and journal my weeks in review. So I picked up a 8.5 in x 11 in. The Happy Planner to help with my goal. What I want to do is journal what I made “last week”. I plan to print the photos of my projects and journal about them in this book. If it all goes well I’ll make a video when I work in the journal and share with you.

Lastly in my video I shared how I store my dies. Dollar General has been getting a few dollars at a time from me. The magnetic photo frames are perfect for me to store dies. The front where a photo goes holds the info about the die or could hold a few extra die cuts and the back holds the dies. A little basket holds all of the dies for now. I’m sure this will change when I acquire more dies.

Well that’s the review of Michaels Craft Haul and Die Storage. What have you purchased lately on your shopping sprees? Anything fun that I really should know about? On second thought maybe I shouldn’t know, I have so much stuff now, where would I put something new? lol

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