How to make Tiny Christmas Packages

Small and simple is what I’m going for this Christmas. This post is all about how to make tiny Christmas packages. Christmas around our house will be small and simple this year. There are not a lot of big fancy decorations. Henry and I decided that we wanted to keep things small and simple.

To help with this idea I pulled down a milk glass sleigh that my mother gave me. This sleigh had belonged to her mother. It may have even belonged to my great grand mother. That will be something I’ll ask her at our next gathering. The sleigh is small enough to display on a table and not get in the way of conversations. It will be a perfect centerpiece.

How to make tiny Christmas Packages

Now the challenge was to fill this little sleigh. It is small. Not much bigger than my hand. When I went looking in my craft supplies I didn’t have any tiny boxes that I could cover with paper. I know this is a shocker to many of you. If you have seen the inside of my room you would think that I own a craft supply store!

Putting my thinking cap on I decided I would make faux little boxes. Taking a few pieces of cardboard I cut it down to one and half inch squares. Using a glue gun I stacked three together. Then choosing paper I covered the squares.

How to Make Tiny Packages

The papers I choose: Rinea Foil and Canvas Corp Brands Cardstock. The Rinea foil is a pretty metallic paper, some have embossed stars some is plain. I used a little of both. A couple pieces of the Rinea foil I ran through my Tim Hotlz Vagabond and a Cuttle Bug snowflake embossing folder. I had to be careful to not over handle the foil as it is thin. But it did take the texture nicely. Colors of Rinea foil used, embossed Copper, green, red and plain gold.

How to Make Tiny Packages Image

For the Canvas Corp Brands Cardstock, it has a pretty damask pattern, I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. After each faux gift was wrapped with the CCB paper I placed the package in my spray box and chose a Glimmer Mist that I thought would work the best. Colors such as: Crimson, Coffee Shop, Moss Leap Frog and Red Chillies were used.

How to make tiny Christmas Packages

Once all of the faux packages were made it was time to embellish. A paper punch from Punch Bunch in the shape of a Holy Leaf was used. Punching several of the leaves out of the green Rinea embossed foil I set those aside.

Various colors of ribbon were used to wrap the gifts. Tied tiny bows and glued with hot glue to hold them in place. Once the ribbon bow was in place a tiny amount of glue was placed on the holy leaf and then small red rhinestones were put in place.

How to make tiny Christmas Packages

There is a video showing the whole process.

This little milk glass sleigh will remind me of all the tiny blessings in my life. Hopefully this project will inspire you. Now that you know how to make tiny Christmas packages, how many will you make?

How to make tiny Christmas Packages

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