ScraPerfect Unboxing with Bonus Demo

Got my ScraPerfect Design Team package so I’m sharing a ScraPerfect Unboxing with Bonus Demo today. So many goodies to see! Head over to the blog post at ScraPerfect for more details that I shared on the blog.

ScraPerfect Unboxing

Since I’m new to ScraPerfect I was shipped a package that contained one of each most of the products they carry. It is always fun to get a package in the mail and isn’t it fun to see new products? Do you have a favorite product you like to use?

Here is a video I made of my ScraPerfect Unboxing with Bonus Demo.

The products in my ScraPerfect Unboxing with Bonus Demo

Over the years I have heard of ScraPerfect and used a few of their products. It is wonderful to get a whole box of new items to try out and share with the world how to use or how great the products are to use.

Which ScraPerfect item would you like to try out? Got a project you are working on that you think these items will help you? Then use the list above with links to the products to shop for these wonderful products.

The ScraPerfect items are great tools to have in your toolbox. And these are quality tools. At an early age I was taught to buy the best tools to get the job done and with ScraPerfect you have the very best.

ScraPerfect Unboxing

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Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today to see my ScraPerfect Unboxing with Bonus Demo.