Cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever

Have you ever had a craft catastrophe? Today I want to share cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever when tragedy strikes in your crafting.

Cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever

A few years ago I was working with caulk near my sewing machine. Well, the device or caulking gun went crazy and pushed out caulk all over the place and some landed on my sewing machine. I quickly tried to wipe it up but it dried fast and I couldn’t get it all.

After trying all kinds of things to clean my machine I gave up. It has bothered me on and off over the years and when I got my ScraPerfect box of goodies I thought, hey why not try the Best Cleaner Ever?

The Best Cleaner Ever: Earth-Friendly Solvent for removing adhesive, ink, paint, and other stubborn stuff! It is Non-Toxic, Non Hazardous, Biodegradable and there are no harmful fumes.

Cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever

Squirting a small amount on the area and spreading it around with my fingers I then let it sit for about an hour. It was easy to see that it was working some of the thinner areas of caulk was coming off.

Cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever

To help remove more of the caulk I used an old key card to scrap a little and applied a little more of the Best Cleaner Ever.

When I wiped off the machine I was amazed at how clean it looked! Granted the machine is over 25 years old, but in the area where the caulk had been, it was new looking!

Cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever

Here is a video showing Cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever.

Make sure you pick up a bottle of this magical product, it really is The Best Cleaner Ever. Now I’m off to go try cleaning a few other things in the house.

Cleaning with the Best Cleaner Ever

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Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner Brutus Monroe

Loving the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner Brutus Monroe. This stuff is awesome! If you haven’t gotten some of this stuff you really should get some soon!

Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner Brutus Monroe

I have several acrylic blocks that are very dirty so I decided to see how this stuff would work to clean them up.

Spraying a small amount of the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner on one block and spreading it around I let it sit. Then taking another block and placing it on top of the first block I picked up the cleaner. Turned over the block to get cleaner on the other side.

Using my finger I spread the cleaner around on both sides of the block then using an old work rag I rubbed off the cleaner and old ink! The block looks brand new.

What is awesome about this cleaner is that there is no odor. It is non toxic and won’t cause issues with those that have sensitivity to other cleaners.

The best part, this cleaner is only $8.99. It is an awesome deal, you must pick some up today.

Video of how it removed ink from an acrylic block and a stamp.

Now what should I get some ink on so that I can use this awesome cleaner to remove the ink? lol What would you clean with this cleaner? Remember a little goes a very long ways. That something else I love about this cleaner. I’ve had a bottle since August and have only used a small amount maybe a fourth of the bottle. It’s a great investment.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Please us my link to purchase the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner from Brutus|Monroe. When you do I get credit for your purchase! It helps support my art habit. Who knew that you could be an enabler to an artist!

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