CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017

Hello, my friends. It’s that exciting time again where I get to share my CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017 entry. Being a part of this round robin has really helped me to stretch my creativity. What have you done lately to stretch your creativity?

CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017

For this CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017 entry I decided to use a page of Mixed Media Origins Nature by Tattered Angles. This paper is almost like fabric. It has a beautiful texture and it is strong. Adding wet media to this paper is no problem and that is why I chose to use it today.

Here is a video showing how I created the CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017 entry.

Some of the products used today were Mixed Media Origins Nature paper from Tattered Angels. One of my big go to products Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Iridescent Gold, Red Chillies, Crimson. I love how thick the Tattered Angels High Impact Paint is and how it adds that perfect touch, used; White and Black.

Loose or free form water coloring is so beautiful. When using the Mixed Media Origins Papers with Glimmer Mists you can get that beautiful water color effect with very little effort.

CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017

Spray Glimmer Mists into a palette and use a paint brush to add color where ever you want. Use water to dilute and move the color. A heat tool comes in handy to dry each layer of color.

CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017

When I started using the Tim Holtz stencil with a foam brush I found that I wasn’t getting the coverage I wanted. So I switched to a stiff stencil brush. Sometimes you have to switch tools to get the look you want.

CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017

The Vase of Roses image was something I found in my old digital image file folder and loved the boldness of the image. It seemed a perfect accent to the Nature paper with the roses highlighted in reds.

CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017

Every month I get a new journal as do 23 other artists. I hope you will take a look for the #CCBTRAVELINGARTJOURNAL tag to find all of the other CCB Traveling Art Journal August 2017 entries.

To see the other journal entries do a search on Social media for this tag: #ccbtravellingartjournal or #ccbtravelingartjournal Also make sure you visit Canvas Corp Brands Blog, there are lots of beautiful things posted to inspire you.

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Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil

Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil. I did a bad thing as my husband would say. I went shopping. Mainly because I had a gift card and because I wanted to get some items for my Happy Planner.

Hobby Lobby & Michaels Haul & I made a Stencil

Boy was I lucky that I went shopping! While at Hobby Lobby I found a Happy Planner 9 hole punch for $17.99. I was going to go to Michaels and purchase the one they offer but it was $39.99. So I figured I saved money even if I have to make two punches for an 8.5 in. x 11 in. page. It was worth saving the money.

Since I didn’t have to use a 40% off coupon to get the punch I did pick up a package of 12 page protectors. These I knew would be fun to add items to my planner.

But I did make it to Michaels because one of my Facebook friends posted that there was a new display of Unicorn items. She was so bad for doing this! LOL I just had to go see what was being offered. Thankfully I had a 60% off coupon I could use and was able to get a great deal on a set of stamps, a package of unicorn washi tape and even stickers. I’m so excited to be able to use these in my planner.

Here is a little video of the items I purchased.

Finally while watching a video by Karen Burchill on youtube about her making a stencil for her planner. I got an idea to make a stencil on my Silhouette. This stencil fits the boxes in my Happy Planner. When I want to decorate a box and not make a mess outside of that box I can lay my stencil down and it will protect the area around the box.

Being excited about making this stencil I ended up making 3 patterns and a plain box. I see myself making more of these. Now to draw some designs to scan into my computer!

What kind of images would you like to use on your stencils? I would love to read your ideas, it may spark an idea to help me create my own stencils. And maybe I’ll even share the file with you if you have a Silhouette.


Blue Fairy – Painting is different than drawing.

Blue Fairy - Painting is different than drawingThis Blue Fairy – Painting is different than drawing. I’ve been working on an image of a fairy for a couple of weeks now. Refining her look and then finally adding wings..  Painted on an 11 by 14 canvas, it is much larger than any of the other painting I have ever done. Used some tools from my studio to give some texture to the painting – like the punchanella as a stencil. Maybe I need to take a few lessons, or just practice until I have it down… lol

Painting is different than drawing.. While I’ve been learning to draw with a graphite pencil transferring this into acrylic paint is a little bit of a learning curve… But I think I’m getting the hang of things, plus I can always just paint over the canvas and start over if I don’t like how things turn out. lol..

What new thing have you tried? Maybe you want to learn to cook, to draw, to write? Go ahead and take the steps to learn.. I purchased a book and started reading. You don’t need a class to get started, just start something today.