Life is Art Card, in under ten minutes

Another ten minute card: Life is Art Card, in under ten minutes. For those days when you need a card fast here is another quick one to make. The Brutus Monroe Be Brave and Botanical Banners are a perfect pairing.

Life is Art Card, in under ten minutes

Supplies used for Life is Art Card, in under ten minutes:
Be Brave
Botanical Banners
Gilded Embossing Powder
Embossing Ink
Heat tool
Surface Inks: Rouge and Cabbage
Tsukineko 6-Pack Fantastix, Brush/Bullet Tip Combo for All Purpose Ink – on Amazon
Ranger Blending Tool
Rose flecked cardstock
A2 Greeting Card
3  x 4 Acrylic Block
Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Video of how to create Life is Art Card, in under ten minutes:

Having a package of Rose flecked cardstock on hand helped in the decision on what color to use for this card. My goal this year is to keep using the stash I have. I feel like I have enough paper that I could use a page every day and still not have it all used in 100 years. Of course, I’m probably exaggerating a little. lol.

One of my online friends said she has a hard time cutting paper to the sizes she needs for her cards because of a stroke. So she takes the paper to a print shop with a list of paper sizes she uses. For a small fee they will cut the paper to her needs and then she doesn’t have to think about the measurements, she can just grab paper and go. This is a good idea if you are a card maker and want to have things precut.

Personally, I keep my paper in full sheets unless it has been cut for a project. Then when I need paper I know to look in one of two places. The full sheet bin or the scrap bins. Slowly I’m making a dent in this paper stash, one day I’ll have it down to a more manageable amount, right? lol

Making this card is very simple. Select a card topper to stamp the Roses from the Botanical Banners. Using the MISTI stamp the roses with Embossing Ink in the lower left corner. Emboss with Gilded Embossing Powder.

Next stamp life is art from the Be Brave stamp set with Embossing Ink and emboss with Gilded.

Use the Fantastix tool to color the leaves with Cabbage.

Color the roses using the Ranger Blending tool and Rouge.

Adhere the card topper with Aleene’s Tacky glue. Boom you are done.

What I like about this card is that you can change the colors and it will have a different look. Have more time? Then you can add some bling; rhinestones, pearls or sequins to the card. Tie a ribbon around the top before you glue the topper down and you have a whole new look. It’s a starting point or it’s a finished card. So many options, because you are the creator.

My hope is that you are inspired by this project today. That when you need a card fast you are able to put it together with little effort, but it looks like you worked so very hard on it, and your friends will be impressed.

Life is Art Card, in under ten minutes

Thanks so much for stopping by today to see the Life is Art Card, in under ten minutes.

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Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #5

Finished the fifth installment of the Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly. This one was fast, because I already had most of the pieces from my stash.

I want to share a little more about the paper towel layer I used. It was a mop up that was placed under the flowers, from the bouquet of flowers video I made a few years ago. Check out the video below.

When I made the flowers I put a paper towel under them as I thought it would be cool to see how it would turn out. I saved  the paper towel and put it in my paper stash. I  sort my paper bits and scraps by color into scrapbook envelopes. That way when I want to do a project that I want a certain color I just pull the envelope. This really comes in handy. There are lots of times when I want to make a project with a few colors. Pull a few envelopes and start creating. I know I keep a lot of stuff, but it paid off this time for this Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly project as it went together quickly.

Again used the butterfly stamp from the Tim Holtz Collection from Stampers Anonymous. Also used the Raven Detailed ink from Brutus Monroe. Making this series of cards is really a lot of fun as it is showing all the different ways that one stamp can be used. This process also works if you need to make a lot of cards for an event. Select one of the layouts and do an assembly line.

Here is the video showing the whole process.

What are your thoughts on this project? Are you learning new ways to use a stamp you have to make multiple different cards? Please share what you have learned by tagging me in your art. I love seeing what others create. Now go forth and create something beautiful.


Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #5

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #4

Here it is the fourth installment of the Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #4. I’m getting pretty good at these cards, don’t you think? LOL

For this card I gathered a couple different shades of purple cardstock from the scrap pile that I inherited. I was lucky that most were already cut down to close to the size I needed. I pulled out some Tim Holtz Distressing Ink and got the area ready to create.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly

While the card may take ten minutes or less to create I usually spend time before hand getting things all lined up. Do I have the stamps I need, the paper and ink? Sometimes I forget to clean my work area and that isn’t a good thing. It can lead to a messy card and after all the hard work you don’t want a messy or ruined card! lol

I have a pretty good size room, but it is full of supplies. I’ve been slowly moving things around so that what I use on a regular bases is close to me and things that I don’t use get put away. This makes me feel better about the work area. But this also makes me sad about the items that get put away. I worry that I will forget about those items and will never use them again. Then someone will come into my space and suggest that I get rid of stuff! HOW DARE THEY suggest such a thing! LOL Because as soon as I get rid of something I’ll need it, you know it is true! Well one day I’ll have a room that is the perfect size to hold everything I have in such a way that every where I look it makes me happy. Until then I will deal with the space I have. 😉

It is time to make the card. It is really such a pretty card and so simple. Check out the video below and let me know what your thoughts are on this one.

Does it give you ideas on ways to use that stamp that you really love, but thought you only had one way to use it in your art? I hope that the posts for Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly have inspired you to use those stamps in different ways. Get to creating, you know you want to make something.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today for this post on Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #4.

Aspire to be Amazing!


Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #4Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #3 take-ten-a-different-pov-butterfly-2-image-1 Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1

I’ve decided to challenge myself. There for Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1 is the beginning of a series. The challenge came to me by reading the Take Ten magazine. This is my version of Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly. The concept is the following: Use the same focal stamp to make multiple different projects. This a different point of view. The other part of this challenge was to keep each project under ten minutes to make.. Thus Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly was born.

The stamp I chose is the Butterfly stamp from the Tim Hotlz Collection from Stampers Anonymous. I liked the size and look of this butterfly and knew that it would make great greeting cards.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly

But what was I going to do for my cards? How could I make multiple cards using the same image that have a different look and be under ten minutes? Well I flipped through old magazines and I used Pinterest to help me settle on a few ideas to get me started.

The next thing I did is I went through my paper stash. Recently I was given a rather large stash of paper. A lot of purple paper as it was left over from wedding invitations. The pieces are nice and many are very large, big enough to use for cards.  Making a pile of papers, ink and other supplies I proceeded to get things ready as I knew I wanted to create a video.

Check out what I did below


What are your thoughts on this project Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1? After watching the video and seeing what I did, are you ready to play? Do you have a stamp that you just love, but are wanting to know what other ways you can use the stamp? Then make sure you follow me as I’ll be posting new projects using this same stamp for a few weeks. Let me know what you think of this project and feel free to give ideas of future projects you would love to see. Make sure to comment like and subscribe on my youtube videos. Every time you like, comment and share it helps my videos be seen by more people. So if you like what you see, please make sure to do some clicking. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Now go and create something beautiful.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1