How to make a cactus themed greeting card

Sharing a project today, How to make a cactus themed greeting card. Using the Brutus Monroe stamp set Sharp StuffBrutus Monroe Detail Ink – Raven, Chameleon Pens, and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.

How to make a cactus themed greeting card

What I love about this stamp set is how easy it is to make different looks with the same stamps. There are so many options with this set, you are only limited by your imagination.

For this card, I stamped out the Sharp Stuff images on a piece of white cardstock. Colored the images with Chameleon Pens and then cut out each image.

The background was made using Tattered Angels Glimmer mists to give a really pretty green hue.

Once I had all the images ready to use I made an arrangement on the card and started adhering. I even used pop dots to add dimension.

When the pots of cactus were added to the card I then went back and made some shadows around the base of the pots. This helps anchor these to the card so they don’t look like they are floating in the air.

To help those that need visuals here is a video on How to make a cactus themed greeting card:

What style will you use with these stamps? Will you do something like mine where these are stamped and then cut out? Or do you like to make it look like the entry into a home. Add a door image and a step then add the pots around the entry.

The key is to have fun when you are creating. There is no right or wrong way, just the way you want it to look. Enjoy the creative process and make something that appeals to you.

Make sure you check out the Brutus Monroe Blog for other great creations by the Inspiration Team. Something new is shared every day.

How to make a cactus themed greeting card

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How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

Today I want to share How to Make Paper Christmas Trees.

This post came about because I’m making a small Christmas scene this year. My goal is to make as much of the scene myself. I’m also using Rinea Foil, Tattered Angels Glimmer mists among other supplies.

One of the things was to make paper Christmas trees. Knowing that I had a Sizzix tree die I had a plan. Using old cardboard from some of the Jewelry in Candles boxes I die cut the tree three times. Then I die cut the tree two more times with chipboard. Last I die cut the tree with black cardstock and embossed green Rinea Foil.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

Once all of the pieces were cut I then proceeded to paint the cardboard and chipboard trees with green acrylic craft paint. Using Leap Frog and Moss Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist I then misted each tree. I wanted these trees to have light and dark areas. Not be a solid color. The Glimmer Mists helped me achieve the look I was going for in this project.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

When the Glimmer Mists had dried I started to assemble the trees. Laying them out on my work area I decided that I wanted varying heights. Using a hot glue gun I then adhered the trees together.

The Rinea Foil tree was attached to the black cardstock tree with white glue and then glued to the top of the other trees. I then cut a piece of the cardboard in a snow mound and sprayed it green with the Glimmer mists.

Using a brush I put the Fast’N Final Lightweight Spackling on the snow mound and on some of the trees to represent snow. Wanting the snow to be white I added white acrylic paint over the top. While the paint was still wet I sprinkled with fine clear glitter.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

Gluing the embossed copper Rinea Foil to a piece of white cardstock and then used a star punch to get the three stars. These stars were glued with hot glue.

The red swirls were punched out of the Red embossed Rinea foil. Because the punch was so tiny and the paper so delicate I laid a piece of text weight paper under the foil and then punched the shape. Doing so gave me a cleaner punch. Using my embelli jelli tool I picked up the swirls and dipped into a liquid glue and placed on the tree.

For the stand on the back of the tree. Folded a couple pieces of cardboard and glued with hot glue. Held in place for a moment with a close pin. Then glued to the back of the trees.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

These little trees turned out super cute and will be perfect for my little scene.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

Now that you know How to Make Paper Christmas Trees, how many will you make? Share your projects with me. Tag me with #lindaisrael in your work, I want to see what you make. Feel free to ask questions, I’m happy to help.

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Aspire to Be Amazing!

Speed Watercolor Painting Paint & Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist

Sharing my Speed Watercolor Painting Paint & Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist project. It is a great project to complete and then you can have a gift on hand. This project took about 30 minutes to make and since I had all the supplies it didn’t cost a lot. The frame was from Dollar Tree and was you got it, a dollar.

I decided to play with watercoloring because of a Facebook post that one of my friends shared. She was working on a journal page swap and watercolored. Not only did she watercolor she also doodled on the page to give it another step of texture.

Looking around in my stash of art supplies I realized I didn’t have watercolor paints. Well, not paints I wanted to use for this project. Watercolor paints are just paints watered down, so I thought I’ll just use acrylic paint.

Armed with watercolor paper, water, and acrylic paint it was time to begin. Deciding that my watercolor paper should be mounted while I paint I used a large ceramic tile. Masking tape was used to keep the paper in place. What I should have used was a low tack tape, but I was using what I had on hand.

Since I knew I wanted shimmer on this painting I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. Glimmer Mist adds just a touch of sparkle, it makes me smile.

The circle in the middle was from a glass candle holder that I dipped into black acrylic paint. The saying is a stamp from Stampin Up. I used Black Stazon Ink to stamp the sentiment.

Speed Watercolor Painting Paint & Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist

Because I used the wrong kind of tape to hold down my paper, when I removed it, the paper tore. To hide the damage I created a mat using cardstock, a ruler and a craft knife.Speed Watercolor Painting Paint & Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist


Framed art brings joy to me. That is why I used a small five by seven frame to display this piece of watercolor.

This Speed Watercolor Painting Paint & Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist has now given me a bug. More watercolor paintings were made and I know more are to come.

This was a fun medium to work with today. Have you tried working with Watercolors? Let me know your thoughts.

Here is a video of this Speed Watercolor Painting Paint & Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist project.

Remember: It’s the little things that make life Big.

Speed Watercolor Painting Paint & Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist

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Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

Today is all about Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media.

The blog over at Canvas Corp Brands has a challenge this month to decorate or make a mask. #7gypsies #tatteredangels #canvascorp #ccbmaskchallenge

For this project I chose The Colombina style of mask. I was in luck in finding a great buy on the mask at Michales, it was only $2.19 by Creatology.

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

One of my shopping trips scored a Mixed Media pack from Canvas Corp Brands and another from 7 Gypsies. Both of these packs had the beautiful tissue paper that I used on the mask. These same shopping trips increased my Tattered Angels Shimmer spray inventory too!

Once all of the supplies were gathered it was time to create. Now is when I found myself Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media. The vision was clear. One doesn’t realize how held back and reserved they are until set free to create. Usually I create items that I know will sell. My normal goal is to make something that others will want for a practical reason. Whimsy or decorative isn’t what I go for in creating art.

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

Have you ever felt that what you create is because that is what the world wants? How is it that we think that is what should always be done in life? When we were kids we were told to play and create. As adults we are told to stick to the agenda, stick to the plan, don’t go outside of the lines.

Art is about what is pleasing to the artist. At least that is my opinion. Create what you enjoy. Never worry about how others will react. Do you love it and want to keep creating? Then do what you love!

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

When the mask was before me and I started adding all of the elements I found I was free to explore. There wasn’t a need to worry about what will happen to this when I’m done. Joy, bliss and freedom to create were the thoughts and feelings I had.

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

The goal was to make something that I would love, and if I was lucky the staff at Canvas Corp Brands would love it too. Inspiration has struck and I feel like making another one of these masks. Once Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media has begun, there is no stopping me now.

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