Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

Loving this Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal I created as a custom order. It is so much fun selecting items to put inside these junk journals when I know that the person really loves Mermaids and the sea.

Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

To make this Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal I used three different digital kits from Calico Collage. I used Enchanted, Summer Paradise, and Mermaid Tale. Since she had already seen the mermaid I used for the cover of another custom order I thought I would use the same image. But for the inside of this Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal, I mixed it up a bit.

Here is a Flip through video of this Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal.

A removable bracelet was attached to the cover of the Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal. There is a charm that would remain on the journal when the bracelet was removed as I thought it needed a little charm to stay behind.

Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

Different colors of metal were used for the bracelet. I like the antique brass, gold, and silver together. It makes me think that a mermaid would have trinkets from all over and these wouldn’t match.

Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

Making the bracelet was also a great way to use up some of this bead stash I’ve had for years. It’s so much fun to see what cool things I can find for a bracelet. I’ll make more of these.

The pages inside this Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal are all unique. While I might use the same images, when I put a journal together with all the other added elements it will look different from any other journal.

Enchanted Mermaid Junk JournalEnchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

Adding Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists to the pages in this journal makes me smile. Love seeing the glimmer and shimmer on the pages. I want to pet the paper. lol

Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

Found some really cool aqua fabric that was printed with what looks like cup rings. Using these scraps was an added bonus. It used the items that would be trash to someone else and adds a bit of color to the items.

Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

For this Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal, I decided to color a few images with my Chameleon Pens. Once the image was colored I then added some Tulip Dimensional Confetti glitter paint. Also added some clear Tulip Glitter paint to the mermaid’s hair.

Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

This Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal is so beautiful that I’m going to be sad when I ship it to its new owner. Making another one of these Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal may be in my future so that I can keep one.

Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal Enchanted Mermaid Junk JournalEnchanted Mermaid Junk Journal Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal Enchanted Mermaid Junk Journal

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