HGTV That’s Clever

Great News!!! 09/17/10
HGTV That’s Clever Episode HCLVR-546, aired on Friday, October 15th, 2010 at 6:30 am ET/PT. It was originally scheduled in June, but a conflict caused the episode to be delayed. What a joy it was to finally see the episode on TV. There was a time that I thought it would never be on the TV. Thankful that it finally aired.

Information about Season 5 Episode 46 on HGTV’s site.

It was exciting to see the episode after all those years of waiting!

For several years I have looked for an online video of the episode and haven’t found one. I have even contacted That’s Clever. If you would like to write to HGTV That’s Clever tell them you would love to see the episode.

Thank you so much for supporting me!

LindaLinda Israel