Today Jacquelin Sit with News9 Oklahoma City came to my house and did an interview because of my impending appearance on HGTV “That’s Clever” Tuesday June 29, 2010.

Jacqueline brought two crew members with her, Casey and Sarah. The first thing that Jacqueline said to me was, you give great directions…  I’m glad!  Otherwise they may not have gotten to my house today! lol…   When Casey walked into the house she noticed that the door to my studio was open and walked inside. She said, “we are shooting in here!!! This room is cool!” Or something to that effect…  Everyone that comes into my room is a little overwhelmed by all of the stuff inside…

First I was asked several questions regarding when I started making things, how I got on the show etc.. Then I moved over to my work desk and made a couple of projects for them to film…  This was a lot easier than when the HGTV crew was here for 8 hours…

Jacqueline said that she was inspired and wanted to go to Michael’s to get some craft supplies.. lol I said great, that is my goal to inspire people to create…

The ladies enjoyed the caramel coffees I made for them as well as the peanut butter cookies.. It’s always good to get them on your side before they film you.. lol

I’ve been asked how did I manage to get on News9. Well I was very fortunet to become facebook friends with Amy McRee – News9 Anchor. She posted on a thread that if we had stories to share to let her know, so I posted that I would be on HGTV and she responded. I got an email from her asking if it would be okay if Jacqueline could contact me and I replied well of course! I’m very fortunate that I became facebook friends with Amy McRee, or I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to be on the news! Thanks so much Amy!!

Over all it was a great experience and I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to share with them and with Oklahoma today..  Check out the online article here:

Here is a link to the newscast on News9.

Thanks everyone so very much for being so supportive of me. I appreciate my Husband and my family for always being supportive. Most importantly I’m thankful to God for the gifts He has given me. It is because of Him that I’m able to do the things I can do, and share these with others…

Make today a great day!!

Linda Israel

The video I created to promote my being on News9:


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rachat de credit · November 4, 2010 at 4:55 am

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

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