So my friends you’ve gone and done it to me now. I’m on a drawing kick.. I’ve been trying to draw something every day. I decided to look around on the web yesterday for images for inspiration and found an image of Hayden Panettiere that I liked. She had her hands on her hips and I thought it was kind of sassy. So taking a little artistic license I used that image as an inspiration to create a drawing.

Hayden was wearing a T-Shirt and shorts in the photo but I decided to have my girl wearing a dress. I’m still working on refining her look. But I want to use an image like this for a couple of projects I have in mind…

I see images differently now. I’m looking at the shadows that the light creates. I’m seeing things that I didn’t see before and I’m learning.

What have you learned lately about the world around you? Have you found a way to incorporate what you see into your art? It is never too late to learn something new. Just decide what it is you want to do, and before you know it you have gone and done what you want to do that is new!