Here it is the fourth installment of the Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #4. I’m getting pretty good at these cards, don’t you think? LOL

For this card I gathered a couple different shades of purple cardstock from the scrap pile that I inherited. I was lucky that most were already cut down to close to the size I needed. I pulled out some Tim Holtz Distressing Ink and got the area ready to create.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly

While the card may take ten minutes or less to create I usually spend time before hand getting things all lined up. Do I have the stamps I need, the paper and ink? Sometimes I forget to clean my work area and that isn’t a good thing. It can lead to a messy card and after all the hard work you don’t want a messy or ruined card! lol

I have a pretty good size room, but it is full of supplies. I’ve been slowly moving things around so that what I use on a regular bases is close to me and things that I don’t use get put away. This makes me feel better about the work area. But this also makes me sad about the items that get put away. I worry that I will forget about those items and will never use them again. Then someone will come into my space and suggest that I get rid of stuff! HOW DARE THEY suggest such a thing! LOL Because as soon as I get rid of something I’ll need it, you know it is true! Well one day I’ll have a room that is the perfect size to hold everything I have in such a way that every where I look it makes me happy. Until then I will deal with the space I have. 😉

It is time to make the card. It is really such a pretty card and so simple. Check out the video below and let me know what your thoughts are on this one.

Does it give you ideas on ways to use that stamp that you really love, but thought you only had one way to use it in your art? I hope that the posts for Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly have inspired you to use those stamps in different ways. Get to creating, you know you want to make something.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today for this post on Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #4.

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