Finished the fifth installment of the Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly. This one was fast, because I already had most of the pieces from my stash.

I want to share a little more about the paper towel layer I used. It was a mop up that was placed under the flowers, from the bouquet of flowers video I made a few years ago. Check out the video below.

When I made the flowers I put a paper towel under them as I thought it would be cool to see how it would turn out. I saved  the paper towel and put it in my paper stash. I  sort my paper bits and scraps by color into scrapbook envelopes. That way when I want to do a project that I want a certain color I just pull the envelope. This really comes in handy. There are lots of times when I want to make a project with a few colors. Pull a few envelopes and start creating. I know I keep a lot of stuff, but it paid off this time for this Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly project as it went together quickly.

Again used the butterfly stamp from the Tim Holtz Collection from Stampers Anonymous. Also used the Raven Detailed ink from Brutus Monroe. Making this series of cards is really a lot of fun as it is showing all the different ways that one stamp can be used. This process also works if you need to make a lot of cards for an event. Select one of the layouts and do an assembly line.

Here is the video showing the whole process.

What are your thoughts on this project? Are you learning new ways to use a stamp you have to make multiple different cards? Please share what you have learned by tagging me in your art. I love seeing what others create. Now go forth and create something beautiful.


Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #5