Continuing on with the Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #2 project. The supplies were already on the work table and again the Butterfly stamp from the Tim Hotlz Collection from Stampers Anonymous is the focal stamp. Did I say how much I really love this butterfly stamp? I really do like it a lot and I thought it was important that I find multiple ways to use this stamp for the investment that I put into the purchase.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly

For this project I decided to use my art brush markers. Using the Marvey and Tombow markers in a variety of purples I proceeded to color the image on the stamp using the lightest color first, then moving to the darkest color until the whole stamp was covered. This technique is a really simple one that I like to use when I want the stamped image to match the paper. Sometimes I don’t have a stamp pad the same color as the paper or I want a blended look and using the makers is how I get the look I want.

The thinking of you stamp is from a set that was given to me many years ago. I’ve always loved the font of the phrase and have used it many times over the years. The ink for the saying is from Brutus Monroe the Detailed Ink Raven. This is an awesome ink and I’ve started using it anytime I need black detailed images.

Below is a video of how this card was created.



The following are the two cards that have been made so far with the same stamp.

Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #1Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #2




Finished with Take Ten A Different POV Butterfly #2. Has this inspired you? If so make sure that you comment, give a thumbs up and share the video on youtube. The more comments, thumbs up etc I get the more the videos get seen and the more content I will create. 🙂

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