Today I want to share How to Make Paper Christmas Trees.

This post came about because I’m making a small Christmas scene this year. My goal is to make as much of the scene myself. I’m also using Rinea Foil, Tattered Angels Glimmer mists among other supplies.

One of the things was to make paper Christmas trees. Knowing that I had a Sizzix tree die I had a plan. Using old cardboard from some of the Jewelry in Candles boxes I die cut the tree three times. Then I die cut the tree two more times with chipboard. Last I die cut the tree with black cardstock and embossed green Rinea Foil.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

Once all of the pieces were cut I then proceeded to paint the cardboard and chipboard trees with green acrylic craft paint. Using Leap Frog and Moss Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist I then misted each tree. I wanted these trees to have light and dark areas. Not be a solid color. The Glimmer Mists helped me achieve the look I was going for in this project.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

When the Glimmer Mists had dried I started to assemble the trees. Laying them out on my work area I decided that I wanted varying heights. Using a hot glue gun I then adhered the trees together.

The Rinea Foil tree was attached to the black cardstock tree with white glue and then glued to the top of the other trees. I then cut a piece of the cardboard in a snow mound and sprayed it green with the Glimmer mists.

Using a brush I put the Fast’N Final Lightweight Spackling on the snow mound and on some of the trees to represent snow. Wanting the snow to be white I added white acrylic paint over the top. While the paint was still wet I sprinkled with fine clear glitter.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

Gluing the embossed copper Rinea Foil to a piece of white cardstock and then used a star punch to get the three stars. These stars were glued with hot glue.

The red swirls were punched out of the Red embossed Rinea foil. Because the punch was so tiny and the paper so delicate I laid a piece of text weight paper under the foil and then punched the shape. Doing so gave me a cleaner punch. Using my embelli jelli tool I picked up the swirls and dipped into a liquid glue and placed on the tree.

For the stand on the back of the tree. Folded a couple pieces of cardboard and glued with hot glue. Held in place for a moment with a close pin. Then glued to the back of the trees.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

These little trees turned out super cute and will be perfect for my little scene.

How to Make Paper Christmas Trees

Now that you know How to Make Paper Christmas Trees, how many will you make? Share your projects with me. Tag me with #lindaisrael in your work, I want to see what you make. Feel free to ask questions, I’m happy to help.

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