Butterfly Gel Print Tutorial. Super quick tutorial showing how to gel print using the Repeating Butterfly Stencil, bubble wrap and acrylic paint.

Butterfly Gel Print Tutorial

Butterfly Gel Print Tutorial Video

Supplies used for the Butterfly Gel Print Tutorial

 Linda does a  super quick tutorial showing how to gel print using bubble wrap for texture and two different colors of acrylic paint

Starting out Linda places the Repeating Butterfly Stencil onto a 12″ x 12″ Gel press. Taking the brayer she then applies a thin amount of acrylic paint, Linda then takes bubble wrap ad presses it on the top of the first layer of paint while it is still wet. This technique removes some of the pain but it also gives texture to the page.

Waiting for the first layer of paint to dry, Linda adds another color of acrylic paint with the brayer. When finished, she then places a piece of copy paper down pressing with her hands firmly to transfer the image to the paper.

Tip: It is very important to let the first layer of paint dry before layering more paint, this prevents your print from smearing.

Do you enjoy creating with a gel press?

Robin Fennessy

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