Today I’m sharing a Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial. Since I’m creating a Christmas Junk Journal I wanted some decorative papers that were made by me. These colors match the Merry Lil Christmas Creative Kits.

Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial

Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial Video.

Supplies used to create the Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial.

Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial

Gel printing is a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy this Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial.

Using a 12 x 12 gel press, soft rubber brayer, acrylic paint and the Buffalo Plaid Stencil to create gel prints is very easy.

Start with a clean, or at least somewhat clean gel plate. Lay down stencil and apply the first layer of paint. Add texture to the edges if you like using things like a glass, bubble wrap, crumpled paper and more. Lift the stencil and drop into a bucket of water with a quarter cap full of Thieves cleaner.

Allow the paint to dry to touch before applying the next color. The time it takes for the paint to dry will vary depending on the paint used, and the environment. Take your time and allow the paint to dry.

Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial

Once the first layer of paint is dry apply the next color with a soft rubber brayer. Don’t put too much paint or the print will slide around. If you get too much paint, roll off the excess on a scrap of paper and keep smoothing on the gel plate. It takes practice to understand how much paint you need and to not over brayer the gel plate. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial

Lay a piece of paper over the gel plate, it may take multiple pieces to cover the whole plate. I like to use book pages and even copy paper. Have fun using all different kinds of papers.

Buffalo Plaid Gel Print Tutorial

Smooth the paper over the gel plate, ensuring that the paper is touching all of the plate. Once it feels like it has covered all the paint, lift the paper slowly. Occasionally there will be paint left on the gel plate, that is okay, you didn’t do anything wrong. Just apply some more paint and print again.

Admire the gel print. Embrace the imperfections, that’s what makes this art. No two gel prints will be identical. The same, stencil and paint may be used and it will look similar but it won’t be identical, that is the charm of gel printing.

Enjoy using the gel prints in projects. I plan to use these when I make the Merry Lil Christmas Journals. These gel prints will create elements, pockets, journal cards and more. There is no limit to how you use the gel prints. The key is to have fun creating.

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