This post is a Watercolor Palette Review and Tutorial. I’m fairly new to using a watercolor palette to paint projects. So I went to Amazon and read a lot of reviews and picked out two different sets to share with you today.

Watercolor Palette Review and Tutorial

Watercolor Palette Review and Tutorial Video

As I’ve been learning about watercolor I came across Andrea Nelson a Watercolor artist. She is very good at teaching watercolor. Check her out on Instagram, and YouTube. I’ve learned a lot just by watching her short clips on Instagram.

One of the tips she shares is to spray the watercolor palette with water. This helps wet all of the paints so these are ready to use.

Watercolor Palette Review and Tutorial

Once the palette is wet then it is easier to pick up color. I’m using some Unicorn style paint brushes I got a while back, but I found a set on Amazon if you want to have some of these fun paint brushes.

I like keeping a dirty water cup and a clean water cup on my desk, along with a paper towel or rag. Keeping your brushes clean will help to keep your painting clean.

Watercolor Palette Review and Tutorial

Watercolor Palettes are a great way to add color to projects. I like both of these sets because they are small enough to take with you if you want to watercolor out in the field. My plan is to take these with me on my next vacation so I have a variety of colors to choose from.

The pigments in both sets are really good. I felt like I was getting a true representation of each color. Depending on how much water is used will determine how opaque the color is on the paper.

Simple five dots into a flower with watercolor.

Watercolor Palette Review and Tutorial

Have fun using these sets in your own projects, I know I will!

Watercolor Palette Review and Tutorial

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