Today is all about Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media.

The blog over at Canvas Corp Brands has a challenge this month to decorate or make a mask. #7gypsies #tatteredangels #canvascorp #ccbmaskchallenge

For this project I chose The Colombina style of mask. I was in luck in finding a great buy on the mask at Michales, it was only $2.19 by Creatology.

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

One of my shopping trips scored a Mixed Media pack from Canvas Corp Brands and another from 7 Gypsies. Both of these packs had the beautiful tissue paper that I used on the mask. These same shopping trips increased my Tattered Angels Shimmer spray inventory too!

Once all of the supplies were gathered it was time to create. Now is when I found myself Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media. The vision was clear. One doesn’t realize how held back and reserved they are until set free to create. Usually I create items that I know will sell. My normal goal is to make something that others will want for a practical reason. Whimsy or decorative isn’t what I go for in creating art.

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

Have you ever felt that what you create is because that is what the world wants? How is it that we think that is what should always be done in life? When we were kids we were told to play and create. As adults we are told to stick to the agenda, stick to the plan, don’t go outside of the lines.

Art is about what is pleasing to the artist. At least that is my opinion. Create what you enjoy. Never worry about how others will react. Do you love it and want to keep creating? Then do what you love!

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

When the mask was before me and I started adding all of the elements I found I was free to explore. There wasn’t a need to worry about what will happen to this when I’m done. Joy, bliss and freedom to create were the thoughts and feelings I had.

Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media

The goal was to make something that I would love, and if I was lucky the staff at Canvas Corp Brands would love it too. Inspiration has struck and I feel like making another one of these masks. Once Unmasking My Creativity Through Mixed Media has begun, there is no stopping me now.

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